Señor Trumpanzee Is Back To Trying To Cancel Liz Cheney-- Cancelling Wyoming Is A Better Idea

Trump defines "RINO" as anyone who doesn't support him and, in a way, that's now accurate since Trump is the Republican Party and the Republican Party is Trump. This is the canned, one-size-fits-all endorsement he gave Harriet Hageman, a long-time Cheney supporter, yesterday. Aside from referring to a full-blown conservative like Cheney as a RINO, Trump also blatantly lied about Cynthia Lummis endorsing her. Neither Lummis nor John Barrasso, Wyoming's other senator (who has already endorsed Cheney), was willing tag along with Trump on his narcissistic anti-Cheney jihad.

Wyoming was Trump's #1 state in 2020-- 69.94% of the morons there voted for him, not just more than any Confederate state, but more than a point over West Virginia's 68.61%. Some counties were way higher in their adoration of Trump. The 5 counties with the highest percentage of proven imbeciles:

  • Crook County- 88.64%

  • Weston County- 87.72%

  • Campbell County- 86.76%

  • Niobrara County- 85.47%

  • Converse County- 84,89%

I'm sure its just a coincidence but Wyoming has the lowest rate of vaccinations of any statin the Union (40%) and those 5 counties are all doing far worse than the rest of the state, proving, once again, the correlation between being stupid and selfish enough to vote for Trump and being stupid and selfish enough to not get vaccinated.

  • Crook County- 23%

  • Weston County- 29%

  • Campbell County- 22%

  • Niobrara County- 24%

  • Converse County- 26%

In 2020 Trump won 193,559 votes in America's shittiest state. He received more votes than Cheney's 185,732 (68.7%) that day, but fewer than Lummis' 198,100 (73.1%). Wyoming is the most Trumpified state in the country and if Trump says "Hageman will be your next congresswoman," then Hageman will be their next congresswoman. Just hours after Señor T's pronouncement, two of the other primary candidates had already dropped out, Bryan Miller and Darin Smith, neither ever a viable candidate without Trump's endorsement. In fact last June both candidates had pledged that they would drop and support whomever Trump chose to represent the state in Congress.

Victoria Eavis, reporting fro the Casper Star-Tribune this morning, wrote that [Bryan] "Miller, chairman of the Sheridan County Republican Party, stated his decision in an email obtained by the Star-Tribune, while Smith issued a formal press release a few hours later. Joey Correnti, chairman of the Carbon County Republican Party, emailed the candidates urging them to leave the race in light of Trump’s choice. In response to Correnti’s email, Miller said he would be dropping out of the race and endorsing Hageman. 'Absolutely Joey,' Miller said. 'In fact, I plan on officially endorsing her as well ...,' Miller continued. Miller previously ran for Senate against the late senator Mike Enzi and Sen. Cynthia Lummis, securing roughly 10% of the vote in both races. Despite his role in Wyoming politics, Miller did not appear to be gaining much support in the race for Cheney’s seat. He had not filed any campaign finance reports despite announcing his candidacy in January of this year. Smith also chose Thursday to leave the race, saying he is giving his endorsement to Hageman. 'I said hell would freeze over before I’d be the reason Liz Cheney gets re-elected to represent the great state of Wyoming in the U.S. House,' he said in the release."

I just want to jump in here and emphasize that Wyoming is not "a great state"; it's a shit state and, in fact, shouldn't be a state at all but should be merged with North and South Dakota and be called Dakota-- resulting in the sparsely populated dumping ground for low IQ jerks would have 2 shitty senator instead of 6.

Back to Eavis, who noted that only two candidates Marissa Selvig and, the previous (pre-Trump endorsement) frontrunner, state Sen. Anthony Bouchard said they would not withdraw. That could possibly split the anti-Cheney vote enough for her to win with a plurality. I doubt that though. short of telling them all to convert to the Muslim faith, my guess is that a big majority of Wyoming voters will do exactly what Trump tells them to do. I expect vanity candidates Robyn Belinskey and Denton Knapp to drop out quickly and I'd be surprised if state Rep. Chuck Gray (a psychopath who was endorsed by Arizona seditionist Paul Gosar and by one of the Trump attires about to lose his license, Lin Wood) stays in for another week. Perry Pendley, Trump's former acting Director of the Bureau of Land Management is certainly not going to jump in now, nor will Bryan Keller or Secretary of State Ed Buchanan. Before Hageman had declared her candidacy there were 3 polls, one showing Darin Smith leading the pack, one showing Chuck Gray ahead and one showing Bouchard in the lead. All showed Cheney losing.