Señor Trumpanzee Claims McConnell Ruined His Coup

This Will Not Pass Isn't Out Yet But Already A Best Seller

Media outlets are starting to get advance copies of the Alexander Burns-Jonathan Martin book. Late last night CNN's chief DC correspondent, Manu Raju, tweeted this page (below) from the book about how Joe Manchin said he would officially become a Republican if they replaced McConnell (with Thune). Trump's no Thune fan but his hatred for McConnell is overwhelming. In fact... another outlet who was given an advance of This Will Not Pass, re-published this excerpt about the Trump-McConnell relationship today. Ever see one of the videos about a saltwater crocodile fighting with a shark?

One person unbowed by the experience of impeachment, humbled not even slightly by the scolding he endured on the floor of the House and Senate, was Donald Trump.
In an interview the authors conducted with Trump at Mar-a-Lago in the spring of 2021, the former president expressed utter confidence in his control of the Republican Party and waved away the criticism he had drawn from both the party’s legislative leaders.
McConnell, he said matter-of-factly, “is bad news.” “Had Mitch stuck with many members of the party who knew the election was rigged, I think we wouldn’t be at Mar-a-Lago,” Trump said, clinging to the fantasy of a stolen election. “We would be at the White House having this conversation.”
Yet in a sign that no amount of flattery can protect anyone from being humiliated by Trump, the former president was dismissive of McCarthy. Trump waved aside McCarthy’s claims of challenging the former president in private.
According to Trump, the Republican leader’s tough talk after January 6 was just that-- talk. No, Trump says, McCarthy had not clashed with him over the phone with the riot still in progress. “He wouldn’t say that,” Trump said. So why, then, did McCarthy go around claiming to other people that he’s tougher with Trump in private than he really is? The former president packed his two-word diagnosis with contempt.
“Inferiority complex,” Trump said.

Oops... it certainly sounds like Trump doesn't exactly respect Capitol Hill's #1 ass-licker, his Kevin, either. It isn't hard to believe that voters want to dump the useless Democrats. But it is hard to believe voters are seriously considering bringing back this crew of fascist and conservative clowns.