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Right-Wing Musical Chairs In The California Legislature... Focus On Contra Costa County

Suburban Contra Costa County sends two of the worst Democrats in the state to the legislature, state Sen. Steve Glazer and Assemblyman Tim Grayson. There’s a great deal of argument about which of these corrupt conservatives is worse… but no one will ever say one is “better,” just that one is marginally worse. Normal Democrats have been waiting for Glazer to be termed out of the Senate next year. At first, so as not to disappoint his charter school and anti-union investors, he declared he would fight in court, claiming his first term was partial and he should be allowed to stay in the Senate. When he first ran for the legislature (2014), it was an Assembly seat as a single-issue candidate, banning public transit workers from striking. He came in third. Unfortunately, when progressive champion Mark DeSaulnier was was elected to Congress, his state Senate seat opened and Glazer slithered into it in a 2015 special election.

Two years later he was, shamefully, the only Democrat in the state Senate to cross the aisle and vote with the GOP against single payer health care. That same year, he was also the only Democrat in the state Senate to vote with the Republicans against California high speed rail. On top of that, he killed a bill to ban slavery, the only Senate Democrat to oppose it, killing it by his one vote when 10 other conservatives abstained.

When he ran statewide for Comptroller last year, he lost every single county, including his own, and came in 4th, primarily because he’s known as a how down, dirty union buster.

Understanding he couldn’t win a court case about being termed out, he recruited one of the worst members of the Assembly, “ex”-Republican Tim Grayson, so that he could run for Grayson’s seat. As a Republican Grayson was a conservative shithead on the Concord City Council but when he realized a Republican couldn’t win the 15th district he left the GOP and re-registered as a Republican, although frequently crossing the aisle and voting with his old party— and always taking money from Republican special interests in real estate and Big Oil. Like his pal Glazer, he’s a member of the Courage Campaign Hall of Shame. There are currently just 5 members— in order from absolutely terrible to even worse:

  • Tim Grayson

  • Bill Dodd

  • Susan Rubio

  • Steve Glazer

  • Carlos Villapudua

In their little game of musical chairs, Glazer won’t just waltz into Grayson's Assembly seat unopposed. Antioch City Councilwoman Monica Wilson and former Contra Costa County Board of Supervisor Karen Mitchoff are both running. Grayson has an opponent as well— San Ramon City Councilwoman Marisol Rubio.

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Aug 21, 2023

In this shithole today, because of voters, you have rightwing fascists toggling with reichwing nazis.

If you want different, start voting like you know you are alive.

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