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Republicans Just Passed More Anti-Choice Legislation— They Still Haven’t Learned Their Lesson

This Time They Went After Women In The Military

The other day we talked about a couple of lunatic fringe amendments to the national defense bill by Georgia crackpots— one amendment from from Andrew Clyde to put up a Confederate monument up in Arlington and one from Moscow Marge to disallow the use of funds for Ukrainians defending their country from her hero Vlad. The same day, there was another insane amendment but, unlike theirs, this one passed. It was sponsored by Texas Trumpist Beth Van Duyne, who pretended to be a moderate” when her district was kind of swingy but as soon as it was gerrymandered deep red, she showed her true colors: MAGAt extremist.

So she attached an anti-Choice amendment to the Defense bill. It passed 214 to 207, with two Republicans— John Duarte (CA) and Brian Fitzpatrick (PA)— voting against it and Nancy Pelosi’s favorite anti-choice fake Democrat, Henry Cuellar (TX), voting, as usual, with the Republicans.

Herb Jones is the progressive Virginia Democrat running for Congress in. Swing district held by extreme MAGA Republican Rob Wittman, an enthusiastic supporter of every anti-Choice bill that’s ever come down the pike. Jones, a retired Army Colonel told us “Of course, doormat Republican and Trumpster enthusiast Rob Wittman of Virginia’s First Congressional District voted along with the rest of the MAGAt cult to restrict women’s rights.”

Wisconsin progressive, Eric Wilson lit into his opponent when I asked him for a comment on the vote. “It's no surprise that Derrick Van Orden would have no problem preventing our brave service women from choosing what happens to their own bodies when he seems perfectly proud of sexually assaulting them. He is a coward and has no honor. Derrick doesn't belong in Congress making these decisions any more than he belongs telling our female service members what to do with their bodies. He needs a dishonorable discharge from Congress.”

Conor O’Callaghan is also running for a swing district seat occupied by extreme anti-Choice Republican David Schweikert. “As if co-sponsoring the heinous ‘Life At Conception Act’ SIX TIMES wasn’t bad enough, David Schweikert continued his assault on women’s rights this week by voting for an anti-choice amendment to the NDAA that would bar the reimbursement of travel costs for service members when obtaining an abortion. The MAGA extremists’ war on women knows no bounds— make no mistake, they won’t stop at abortion, they are very clearly coming for IVF and contraceptives too.”

Please consider contributing to Herb’s, Eric's and Conor’s campaigns here at the Flip Congress ActBlue page.


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