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Remember When The GOP Flooded America With Tens Of Thousands Of European Nazi Thugs?

Three years ago this week, Elizabeth Warren declined to participate in a Fox News presidential primary forum, "denouncing the cable news channel as 'a hate-for-profit racket' that seeks to turns Americans against one another." She accused them of "giving 'a megaphone to racists and conspiracists' and providing cover for corruption. She also returned to one of her campaign’s central themes, framing the channel as the sort of corporate profit machine' she has railed against." BINGO!

Earlier today I had a lot of complaints that I didn't explain what I meant in the previous post about Republicans having used replacement theory after World War II. So let me go back to that by pointing to a book, America's Nazi Secret (2010) by John Loftus, who I interviewed soon after publication. The book systematically reveals a Republican Party conspiracy to import Nazi war criminals-- not atomic scientists, just murderous thugs-- into the U.S. Let me start by quoting from the book as he described a Byelorussian community club in South River, New Jersey where Byelorussian-Americans were celebrating their traditional national holiday marking the proclamation of their independence in 1918.

On most days the club is almost empty except for a few old men drinking in the bar, but there are some interesting customers. One of them had thrown small children into a well and dropped hand grenades on them. A frequent visitor to the club has been an executioner at the death camp at Koldichevo. Another club patron teased a visitor known to be squeamish about the Holocaust by picking up a cleaver and hacking at some lunch meats. "I wish these were Jews," he declared.
The old men of South River have achieved a certain respectability. In 1978, the New Jersey American Revolution Bicentennial Celebration Commission published an Ethnic Directory of New Jersey. Heading the five pages of Byelorussian organizations were the American Friends of Byelorussia Central Council. It's president was listed as Emanuel Jasiuk [a notorious Nazi war criminal].
Radoslaw Ostrowsky [an even more notorious Nazi war criminal] had finally emigrated to America too. There is no controversy concerning his entry, but his file shows that at the time he applied for citizenship in 1972, the INS was notified of Ostrowsky's complete Nazi background. After considerable consultation among the various intelligence services, the INS noted in his file that he "appears to have been involved in some sort of espionage activity." A reporter for a New Jersey newspaper who learned that Ostrowsky was living in the United States asked the Immigration Service if the rumors were true. The INS noted on the letter that it had no record of any such individual, but filed it in Ostrowsky's folder. When the reporter came back in 1975 with several variants of the spelling of Ostrowsky's name [like Radaslau Astrouski, though none of which were Mendoza, Gomez, Valdez, Perez, Garcia, Martinez, Hernandez, Ruiz, Lopez, Ramirez, Espinoza, or Gonzalez] the INS put that in the folder too, along with the note that the reporter had been advised by telephone that the INS had concluded a full investigation which cleared Ostrowsky completely. And so one of the highest-ranking Nazi war criminals to enter this country lived on undisturbed until his death in 1979.
The old men of South River might have been more circumspect if they had realized that despite the clean bill of health reluctantly given them by the General Accounting Office, another investigation was closing in on them.

That hall is also a Republican Party headquarters and it's where Republicans and Nazis gathered to celebrate Chris Christie's victory in 2009. 5-6 decades earlier, the Dulles brothers-- John and Allen-- at the nexus of Wall Street, the intelligence community, the Republican Party and dangerously inept Cold War jingoism, overrode President Truman's and Congress' ban on allowing Nazi war criminals into the country, let alone employing them-- purging their records and getting them U.S. citizenship. John Foster Dulles was steeped in Wall Street backing for prewar Hitler and was at all times looking out for the interests of the wealthy Republican investors who invested in him, particularly the Rockefellers and the Bushes. They had decided to bring their Nazi cronies to the U.S. once Truman was defeated by Dewey.

The Dulles brothers

When Truman didn't play his assigned role, they did it anyway, and then when the Eisenhower-Nixon ticket was elected, the floodgates opened, and New Jersey, along with a few other states, became a sanctuary for Nazi collaborators and war criminals from Eastern Europe. Nixon saw them as a counterbalance to the hated Jews, who always voted for the Democrats, and Eisenhower gave him supervisory powers over the operations to bring them to America. Ironically, many of them had been infiltrated by the Russian Communists and the entire program was an absolute disaster, bringing the U.S. no Cold War benefits whatsoever and costing the country hundreds of millions of dollars, but, eventually, helping elect Republican rightists from Nixon to Christie. I talked with Loftus about these things.

For one thing, I wanted to know how much of the motivation for flooding New Jersey, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, etc. with anti-Semitic Nazi war criminals, many of whom had personally taken part in the Holocaust, from Byelorussia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, etc. had to do with Wall Street greed and how much had to do with the ideological kinship between Germany's and America's right-wing parties, the Nazis and the Republicans and Nixon's role. Loftus told me that "Nixon always blamed the Jews for his narrow loss to JFK, and tasked George H.W. Bush as co-director of the RNC to recruit the Eastern European groups... [T]he GOP still uses the old Arab Nazi network, the Muslim Brotherhood. That is why we are the only Western nation not to list the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group. The second-generation Muslim Brotherhood members [Al Arian, Alamoudi, etc.] delivered Florida for Bush II against Gore. Nixon's Nazi dream come true."

When the NY Times covered the story at the end of 2010, reporter Sam Roberts didn't go all the way, shielding the GOP. "After World War II," he wrote, "American counterintelligence recruited former Gestapo officers, SS veterans and Nazi collaborators to an even greater extent than had been previously disclosed and helped many of them avoid prosecution or looked the other way when they escaped, according to thousands of newly declassified documents. With the Soviet Union muscling in on Eastern Europe, 'settling scores with Germans or German collaborators seemed less pressing; in some cases, it even appeared counterproductive,' said a government report published Friday by the National Archives." Not bothering to so much as mention the Dulles brothers or Nixon, he them veered off to discussing the role of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini.


The last guy that stood up to the Dulles brothers got his head blown off in Dallas.

May 18, 2022
Replying to

fair point. it appears that the democraps are still afraid of the dulles bros.


May 18, 2022

and while the nazis (of both hemispheres) were doing this, there were the Democrats... doing nothing.

both portended a grim future for the current husk of a republic.

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