Regrets, I've Had A Few-- Kissinger vs Kinzinger

Henry: "The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer."

In May, Henry Kissinger will turn 99. Just goes to prove, even masses of people wishing for your death for decades, doesn't change your fate. Once a powerful Secretary of State and confidante of military industrial complex shills from Richard Nixon to Hillary Clinton, today Kissinger, a despised war criminal, can't travel outside of the U.S. for fear of being arrested and put on trial for crimes against humanity. I wonder what his biggest regrets are-- the murder of millions of people in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia (bomb "anything that moves")? The vicious fascist coup in Chile? Encouraging Pakistan's brutal war against Bangladesh? The El Mozote Massacre in El Salvador? Helping Nixon sabotage the Vietnamese peace talks to help him win the election? The bribes he took and great wealth he amassed for selling the U.S. out to China? His policy of appeasement towards Russia? So much to choose from-- but no regrets from the Nobel Peace Prize winner.

You don't have to wonder what regrets 44 year old Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger has. First elected in 2010, the very conservative Republican Kinzinger tweeted about his biggest regret as a congressman yesterday:

Thread (and admission): 1) I want to be honest, in congress I have only a few votes that in hindset, I regret. My biggest regret was voting against the first impeachment of Donald Trump.
2) It’s important for political leaders to be transparent and admit regret when needed. The bottom line, Donald Trump withheld lethal aid to Ukraine so he could use it as leverage for his campaign. This is a shameful and illegal act, directly hurting the Ukraine defense today…
3) I wish i could go back in time and Vote for it, but I cannot. What we can do now is to ensure that this NEVER happens again, and that we all put the interests of our nation above our party. @AVindman and others deserve our appreciation.

Gerrymandered out of his seat by a corrupt Democratic state legislature and at war with Señor Trumpanzee, Kinzinger isn't running for reelection this year. But he's going out with a bang by serving on the Select Committee investigating Trump's insurrection and attempted coup.