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Poor West Virginia! Trump Voters Eschew Vaccines... Die In Great Numbers.

It wouldn't surprise me if everyone in the audience is now dead or on a ventilator

Last year, 68.6% of West Virginia's voters picked Trump-- second only to Wyoming (69.9%). And now, with 54% of Americans fully vaccinated, West Virginia-- tied with Wyoming-- leads the country in unvaccinated residents: only 40% are fully vaccinated. And that even as cases, hospitalizations and deaths continue to spike. Only Florida and Mississippi have worse death rates right now.

In this news briefing on Friday, West Virginia's barely coherent Republican governor, Jim Justice, once again plead with his state to get vaccinated, warning them, in his clumsy way, that if they continue resisting "we’re going to keep lining the body bags."

Early on, West Virginia was one of the success stories for vaccine rollout-- one of the best in the country. But that was all the non-Trump voters rushing to get vaccinated to protect themselves and their families from the morons they knew would never get vaccinated and would keep spreading the contagion regardless of anyone around them. Now West Virginia is at the very bottom of the barrel, with new cases spiraling out of control-- more active cases that at any time since the pandemic began-- with deaths mounting and the availability of ICU beds dwindling.

Stumbling through his presentation, Justice, visibly frustrated, said, "At the end of the day, we’re going to do one of two things. We’re going to run to the fire and get vaccinated right now. Or we’re going to pile the body bags up until we reach a point in time to where we have enough people that have natural immunities and enough people that are vaccinated. Now, that’s all there is to it. I would really highly encourage you to get vaccinated." Justice would love to issue a vaccine mandate-- but he knows what state he's in and he understands what would happen if he did. So he won't. So more of them are going to get sick and die. Pity!

Who, at this point in the pandemic, is still stupid enough to not get vaccinated? Let's turn to that fount of Republican Party wisdumb, former VP nominee and former Alaska governor, Sarah Palin for the answer: "I am one of those white, common sense conservatives. I believe in science and I have not taken the shot."

Check out this correlation between counties with the worst vaccination rates and their 2020 vote for Trump-- a perfect measure of stupidity and ignorance. Not even one county with the lowest vaccination rate in its state voted for Biden. In fact, none of them were even close! And just look at those counties with the really low vaccination rates, where the whole population of the county is obviously mentally deficient-- Trump won them with unprecedented numbers-- like over 90%. No one can tele there isn't a perfect correlation between high Trump voters, low vaccine rates and IQs so low that these people can't understand the world around them:

  • Moore Co., Tennessee- 18% vaccinated, 81.6% for Trump

  • Saluda Co., South Carolina- 25% vaccinated, 67.0% for Trump

  • Spencer Co., Kentucky- 26% vaccinated, 76.4% for Trump

  • Campbell Co., Wyoming- 22% vaccinated, 86.8% for Trump

  • McCone Co., Montana- 16% vaccinated, 84.7% for Trump

  • Stanly Co., North Carolina- 22% vaccinated, 75.0% for Trump

  • Idaho Co., Idaho- 25% vaccinated, 81.4% for Trump

  • Winston Co. Alabama- 18% vaccinated, 90.3% for Trump

  • Smith Co., Mississippi- 28% vaccinated, 77.5% for Trump

  • Holmes Co., Ohio- 16% vaccinated, 83.2% for Trump

  • Slope Co., North Dakota- 9% vaccinated, 89.0% for Trump

  • LaGrange Co., Indiana- 20% vaccinated, 76.3% for Trump

  • King Co., Texas- 14% vaccinated, 95.0% for Trump

  • Davis Co., Iowa- 32% vaccinated, 73.9% for Trump

  • Dewey Co., Oklahoma- 22% vaccinated, 90.0% for Trump

  • McPherson Co., South Dakota- 10% vaccinated, 81.2% for Trump

  • Holmes Co., Florida- 24% vaccinated, 89.0% for Trump

  • Miller Co., Arkansas- 12% vaccinated, 72.1% for Trump

  • Juab Co., Utah- 28% vaccinated, 86.7% for Trump

  • Neosho Co., Kansas- 22% vaccinated, 72.3% for Trump

  • Lake Co., Oregon- 34% vaccinated, 79.5% for Trump

  • Taylor Co., Wisconsin- 30% vaccinated, 71.6% for Trump

  • Garfield Co., Washington- 30% vaccinated, 71.8% for Trump

  • McPherson Co., Nebraska- 11% vaccinated, 91.1% for Trump

  • Cameron Parish, Louisiana- 15% vaccinated, 90.7% for Trump

  • Wilkin Co., Minnesota- 27% vaccinated, 67.9% for Trump

  • Storey Co., Nevada- 18% vaccinated, 66.3% for Trump

  • Greenlee Co., Arizona- 34% vaccinated, 65.8% for Trump

  • Douglas Co., Missouri- 21% vaccinated, 83.2% for Trump

  • Potter Co., Pennsylvania- 28% vaccinated, 79.9% for Trump

  • Crowley Co., Colorado- 18% vaccinated, 72.6% for Trump

  • Union Co., New Mexico- 20% vaccinated, 77.6% for Trump

  • Hillsdale Co., Michigan- 33% vaccinated, 73.1% for Trump

  • Alexander Co., Illinois- 24% vaccinated, 56.8% for Trump

  • Allegany Co., New York- 36% vaccinated, 68.2% for Trump

  • Lassen Co., California- 30% vaccinated, 74.5% for Trump

I have some bad news for all the kooks and nuts who keep comparing vaccine mandates to Hitler. Hitler, like current day facsists, was anti-vaxx, especially for the people looked at by the right-wing bigots (Nazis) as subhuman.

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