Politicians Are Disliked As A Category-- Can Lucas Kunce Change That?

This is a strong ad for Missouri populist Lucas Kunce. It will let Missouri voters know who he is. It isn't aimed towards Democratic primary voters; it's aimed at Missouri. Although there is a subtle helping hand for Kunce's most desired opponent, scandal-clad sociopath Eric Greitens. After all, it is just standard conservative politicians Hartzler and Schmitt who are standing in the way of a Greitens nomination. But mostly, the ad is meant to drive up Kunce's name recognition and to show voters he is strongly on their side-- which he is.

In general, "politicians" is a very unpopular job category among Americans. Year after year, decade after decade, Gallup reports that politicians as a group are rated very low. Generally only "car salesmen" and "lobbyists" rated lower than politicians as occupations. Popularity is a funny thing in politics. Who becomes popular and with what groups and why? A new poll from YouGov ranks the popularity of 286 American politicians, from the most popular (Obama at 57%) to the least popular, John Kyl at 9%. And then it ranks those same politicians among various demographics. If you're as much of a nerd as I am and enjoy this kind of thing, you're going to have a blast.

Did Fox help make AOC the 4th most popular political leader in America among millennials? Probably not; few people under 60 watch Fox

I want to look at this from just one perspective today-- millennials, people born between 1981 and 1996. They represent the future-- the near future-- of American politics. Who do they like? Who do they hate? For one thing, they don't like politicians much at all. Only 9 rate at least 40% positive!

  • Obama- 61%

  • Bernie- 52%

  • Jimmy Carter- 52%

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger- 47%

  • AOC- 47%

  • Kamala- 44%

  • Elizabeth Warren- 41%

  • Hillary- 40%

  • Biden- 40%

And as far as hating? Wow... millennials hate 'em all! Let's look at some important names in politics:

Ohio Senate candidate Jane Timken was just endorsed by a pack of very unpopular politicians, although not Trump yet

  • Pat Toomey- 12%

  • Rob Portman- 14% (just endorsed Jane Timken last week)

  • Joe Manchin- 14% (hard to believe it could be this high)

  • Mitch McConnell- 18% (and everyone thought he was the most hated)

  • Scott Walker- 18%

  • Lisa Murkowski- 18% (just endorsed Jame Timken today)

  • Joni Ernst- 18% (just endorsed Jame Timken today)

  • Jared Kushner- 19%

  • Mark Warner- 20%

  • Joe Lieberman- 20%

  • Dick Cheney- 20%

  • Steny Hoyer- 21% (House majority leader)

  • Chris Christie- 21% (wants to run for president)

  • Robert Menendez- 21% (He's trying to get his son, Robert Jr, a House seat)

  • Rahm Emanuel- 21% (Biden's worst appointment so far)

  • Terry McAuliffe- 21% (Democrats should think more deeply about who they nominate for electoral positions)

  • Newt Gingrich- 21%

  • Louie Gohmert- 21% (currently polling in last place in the Texas AG race)

  • Charles Koch- 21% (David Koch is at 24%; which of them is still alive?)

  • Darrell Issa- 22% (maybe he'll be boosted by his CPAC speech this week; maybe not)

  • Charlie Crist- 23% (people finding out he's a Blue Dog in time for his gubernatorial run?)

  • Andrew Cuomo- 23% (a base for a reentry into politics?)

  • Sarah Palin- 23% (Typhoid Mary of the Upper East Side)

  • Gabby Giffords- 23% (oops)

  • Hakeem Jeffries- 24% (the Dems' worst idea for a new Speaker)

  • Claire McCaskill- 24% (every time she goes on MSNBC, the network loses ratings points)

  • Susan Collins- 24% (every time she goes on CNN, the network loses ratings points)

  • Dianne Feinstein- 24% (zombies, still popular among millennials)

  • Little Chuckie Schmucky- 24%

  • Joe Manchin- 25% (the kids hate him, but not as much as everyone else does)

  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz- 26% (how the hell does anyone even remember her?)

  • Tom Cotton- 26% (GOP presidential timber)

  • Nikki Haley- 26% (see above)

  • Kevin McCarthy- 27% (Speaker in waiting?)

  • Lindsey Graham- 27% (What happens when he's outed?)

  • Rand Paul- 27% (as hated as Kevin McCarthy and Lindsey Graham)

  • Mitt Romney- 28%

  • Gavin Newsom- 30%

  • Andrew Yang- 30%

  • Señor Trumpanzee himself- 31%

  • Mike Pence and Mayo Pete- 32% (lol)

  • Ted Cruz- 34% (less hated than Trump)

  • Nancy Pelosi- 35% (less hated than Trump)

  • Bill Clinton- 38% (less hated than Trump)

  • Ilhan Omar- 38% (less hated than Trump)

  • Marco Rubio- 38% (less hated than Trump)

  • Al Gore- 38% (less hated than Trump)

  • Maxine Waters- 39% (much less hated than Trump)

"The Final Frontier" by Nancy Ohanian