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Part 9: A Journal Of A Plague Year-- The Lunacy For Which Republicans Stand. "Best Words," Vol. 6.

-by Noah

1. $enator Josh Hawley (R-MO.): Hawley has all the brains of the most obnoxious fratboy on campus. He looks the part, too, but I won't inflict that on you today. Let's get right to it: The first quote below is Hawley on the Tiki Torch Carlson Show before the election:

Biden will appoint Marxists and must be stopped.

And after the election:

Biden is appointing corporate liberals. I wish he'd break the mold.

So which is it Josh? What's a matter? Forgot to attend any classes in college? It's real simple, almost as simple as your tiny little republican fratboy mind. Marxists aren't corporatists. Corporations tend to hate Marxists. Appointing Marxists would certainly "break the mold" as you say but do you even know what a Marxist is, or do you just use it as a simple-minded scareword? Do you have any idea what each word you use means? Now, Marxists might end up becoming corporatists once the greed sets in but that's not what you're talking about here. I suppose you could go buy your way back into a back into school but, hey, an education isn't a prerequisite for being a $enator. You lucked out, dumbass, and if you need a definition of dumbass, just look in a mirror.

2. Moscow Mitch, $enate Majority Traitor: What a nasty little piece of work! For more than 6 months, he refused to lift a finger to help Americans who have been losing their benefits, their jobs, their businesses, and even their lives. His ideal COVID aid package is whatever helps his donors the most and hurts everyone else as much as he can possibly manage. McTraitor's presence in our government says a lot about the people of Kentucky. Either, they've never gotten wise to him, there's real voter fraud in Kentucky or they're happy with someone who stabs them in the back with such gusto. That doesn't mean other politicians don't share his attitude toward the constituents, but he is especially treacherous in every way. His existence in the $enate also says something very bad about the Democratic Party and their choices of candidates they put forward to run against something like a Moscow Mitch. But, here we are 6 more years of one of Moscow's main treason puppets. Thanks Kentucky. Good to know where you stand. Rand Paul and Moscow Mitch. What a pair. Couldn't you at least have written in Rand Paul's next door neighbor?

I would certainly be in favor of allowing states to use the bankruptcy route.

This is McTraitor, back in April, taking Gerald Ford's 1975 Drop Dead New York moment and expanding it to whole states for 2020 and beyond, particularly blue states. He made that clear when he started referring to COVID-19 relief packages as "Blue state bailouts." What inspired him was that the state of New York was hit so hard by the virus in April that it was virtually shut down. Being a man of zero vision, it never occurred to him that more states would be facing the same health and economic catastrophes when all the evidence was there to see unless you refused to see it or were paid not to see it by your masters on Wall Street and in Russia. Never mind the fact that Kentucky is a taker state like just about any red state you could name. New York, a blue state, pays in more revenue to the U.S. Treasury than it gets. The red states live with their hands out and sponge off the rest of us. It seems that they love socialism while complaining about it. Of course, McTraitor, being a puppet of Vladimir Putin would love to see the whole country go bankrupt. That would be a true Republican Mission Accomplished moment.

3. Former Attorney General William Barr, aka Trump's Personal AG And Mueller Report "Interpreter:" Yeah, I know, Barr recently said that there was no significant fraud involved in the recent presidential election but that was just a cynical CYA moment, a rancid bit of PR by a rancid man. Never forget that this is the same traitor who lied about the Mueller Report to defend the presidency of the man he saw as his #1 client even though we the people are allegedly supposed to be his top client. Here's another picture of this sicko's mind:

Putting a national lockdown, stay at home orders, is like house arrest. Other than slavery, which was a different kind of restraint, this is the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history.

Yeah. To Republikooks, slavery was just a little bit of restraint. Well, that and the family seperations, rape, the torture, the beatings, the hangings, the sale of human beings. Yeah, just a mild inconvenience like being told to wear a mask because it might save your life or the lives of your neighbors. This from a man who would also have us believe:

I think the narrative that the police are on some epidemic of shooting unarmed black men is simply a false narrative.

Once he said that, he probably looked at his watch and decided he'd better get home because he promised the family they would burn some crosses in the backyard that night. In some ways, it's good to give a virulent racist a microphone. It can't hurt to know what evil lurks in their minds and who they really are. After all, it's not like he goes around wearing one of those sick red hats. This was Trump's choice to run the so-called Justice Department of the United States Of America. What else would one expect from anyone who works for Trump. Barr may not represent the feeling of most of us but he certainly represents the feelings of Donald Trump and his party. Thank you, Massa Barr for letting us know. The problem is, of course, the people and policies you and your posse encourage and enable. What a damn evil pig you are, Mr. Barr. Good riddance. Three fake democrats even voted to confirm you. They must be very proud. One of them, Doug Jones, is even on the short list for Attorney General. Maybe he'll even be the choice by the time you read this. Swell.



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