• Noah

Part 15, A Journal Of A Plague Year: Economics Edition! Jared As "The Boy!" Crazy Kudlow! Pence!!

-by Noah 1. VP Pence, aka He Who Attracts Flies: American needn't have worried. If Trump had suddenly dropped dead, VP Mikey Pence would have been able to step in immediately and lie with the worst of them. He's had all that time to learn to be a lie-master on a par with his idol. Here he is demonstrating that ability just a few months ago:

We've created more jobs in the last 3 months than Joe Biden and Barack Obama created in their 8 years in office.

Well done, Mikey! Stupendous bullshit rating! Tremendous! Ah, but here's the truth: You and your idol destroyed 40 million jobs and got maybe half back. 40 million!!! That's a ton of jobs you sure created there! Do the math you little fly infested block of carved shit! You got 20,000,000 jobs back. You're still 20,000,000 in the hole! Has that gay conversion machine of yours destroyed your ability to add up figures? And don't go trying to count the lawyers You and Trump have had to hire to defend the administration. The increased numbers of grave diggers shouldn't count either. Ditto creating jobs for the Trump offspring and the whole damn Trump Crime Family. 2. Jared Kushner, The Boy Without A Brain: Or, to quote Dan Quayle, "What a waste it is to lose one's mind. Or to not have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is." Here's Jared Kushner who has an uncanny resemblance to both Dan Quayle and The Boy in too many ways. He's speaking on FOX & Fiends back in April after the CARES Act was passed. He's talking about how the COVID crisis will soon be a thing of the past, in a mere matter of weeks. The kid's a genius!

I think what you'll see in May as the states are reopening is May will be a transition month. You'll see a lot of states starting to phase in the different reopening based on the safety guidelines that President Trump outlined in April 19th. I think you'll see by June a lot of the country should be back to normal and the hope is that by July, the country's really rockin' again.

It was real impressive to watch the show's 3 regulars taking it in. Adding in Kushner as a 4th, and it brought the combined IQ up to a touch over 100. Shouldn't there be a registry of idiots that are not allowed to speak in a public forum because they are a danger to the community at large, just like there's a registry of sex perverts that aren't allowed near our schools? People like Kushner and those 3 Stooges of FOX & Fiends are a menace to society. Kushner needs to be buried alive up to his chin down by the water's edge at low tide. 3. Crazy Larry Kudlow, Senor Trumpanzee's Economic Whiz And Used Car Salesman:Kudlow, another White House whack job had this to say in echoing Jared Kushner:

Green shoots popping up everywhere. Stocks are soaring. POTUS's policies are working! Stay with the winners! Trump and Pence, and me! The best is yet to come!

Kudlow is obviously the kind of maniac that I see on a soapbox every time I make the mistake of walking into Central Park. Being as it's New York, we New Yorkers keep a wide distance from screamers like Kudlow. Since 1970, he's gone from being some sort of conservadem to Reaganite to a well-publicized life steeped in cocaine and alcohol to crackpot TV "financial expert" to being one of Trumpanzee's "Best People." How he ever got a TV show is beyond all reason but then so did his even more insane boss. What idiots gave these lunatics TV shows? Answer: NBC. And, look where we are now. Thanks a lot to whatever imbecile in a suit that put these clowns on the air and promoted their existence. Even more frightening are the idiots who bought in, and still do.