• Noah

Part 13: A Journal Of A Plague Year-- The Lunacy For Which Republicans Stand. "Best Words," Vol. 9

-by Noah

1. Tiffany Trump, aka The Other Trump Daughter: I guess Tiffany is the daughter that her father doesn't "have feelings for" but, she tries, for whatever reason to please daddy. If he was my dad, he'd be buried in the basement by now; long ago in fact.

For this year's Republican Party Freak Fest, or convention as they called it, she came out of the dark corner where she's usually stashed, and gave a speech for dad. What kind of character does she have? Is she just as much of a moronic wacko as her siblings, half siblings, or should I say half-witted siblings? As we can see above, the answer is a resounding yes. Sad. No doubt that if she had decided not to speak at the RNC convention, she would have been cut from daddy's will or worse.

2. Eric The Braindead, High Prince Of Trumpland: Back in the fall of 2019, Eric The Braindead was playing radio in one of the Dakotas. Does it matter which Dakota? Anyway, there he was, being interviewed by some right wing radio goon who sees it as his mission in life to use his federal license to attack the foundations of the country by spreading propaganda and conspiracies in equal measure. The main takeaway from the whole thing was that Eric said-

Americans shouldn't be handed things. They must work for it.

So says a cretin who's been handed everything in life, just like his cretin father. Here's Eric The Braindead this year, again on a radio station in the Dakota Territory. I know it's hard to believe but there's been no change, no growth as a person.

Here's Eric The Braindead just this year as he lauds his father for saving Christianity:

He literally saved Christianity... There's a full-out war on Christianity by the other side. I mean the Democratic Party, the far left, has become the party of the quote-unquote atheists. They're fine with keeping liquor stores open but they want to close churches all over the country.

Sigh, some people just have no self-awareness. They have no idea how messed up they sound to sober people. Eric Trump: Born with a silver crack pipe in his mouth.

3. Franklin Graham, Worshiper Of False Gods: Speaking of phony Christians, when it comes to Legendary Charlatans of Christianity, Franklin Graham has spent all of his life striving, against fierce competition, to be at the top of his chosen field. I can't wait 'til he's exposed just like Falwell, Jr. was. Or, maybe Jimmy Swaggart. Or worse! I can see it now. Cross-Dressed Franklin, dolled up as Wonder Woman, pulled over by the cops with a live hooker in the passenger seat, and a dead one in the trunk. Give Franklin credit, though. He's a shrewd judge of character, right? Here he is sticking up for his boy Trump and throwing a knife at President-Elect Biden -

As Joe Biden announces his cabinet choices, we are seeing a big difference from President Donald J. Trump's appointments. President Trump searched for the best of the best to run the various levels of government. Being a businessman, he brought in people who were the top in their field to use their expertise to benefit the nation; and if they didn't measure up, he showed them the door. With Joe Biden, competence doesn't seem to be as important as diversity. Diversity is certainly important, but competence matters even more. We don't need people running areas of government who don't have a clue. Thank God that President Trump brought the sharpest minds to the table to solve problems, and in some cases, even people who disagreed with him. Continue to pray for our nation.

Yeah, I'll pray for our nation alright. Do you get the feeling that Trump wrote the above just like he writes his doctors' assessments of his health? Don't you love the assumption republicans make that Diversity=Lesser Quality? You just can't be an official republican in good standing if you don't have your bigot bonafides. People like Michael Flynn, Stephen Miller, Betsy DeVos, Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, Kayleigh McEnany, Mike Pompeo, Rudy Giuliani, Wilbur Ross, Mike Pence... so many great people, the best people, tremendous people. And don't forget, Trump brought in Valdimir Putin to help run our country.

Don't you wish you could just push a button on your keyboard and 10,000 volts would shoot through ol' Franklin Graham? I know I do! Either that or I push a button and the ceiling panel above him opens and he finds himself suddenly draped with a 100 Black Mambas.