• Noah

Part 10: A Journal Of A Plague Year-- GOP Obsession With 'Antifa' & BLM vs.Their Free Pass For Nazis

-by Noah Nothing gets Republicans in a tizzy like the idea that black lives matter and people being against fascism. 2020 was a year in which they just had to make sure we knew that more than ever. They quadrupled down. They can't even say the words Black Lives Matter. It goes against everything they are. In the wake of Minneapolis cops murdering George Floyd this past summer, loose Antifa groups and Black Lives Matter took to the streets in protest. Did a small percentage of people in the streets take advantage of the situation and set fires and loot businesses. Yes. Do we know exactly who all those people were? No. We saw a diversity (Republicans hate that word) of people breaking into stores and we saw a diversity of people trying to stop looters. Among the looters were white supremacist groups, and also organized crime groups who strategically placed tubs of bricks on street corners, hired kids to do the dirty work, drove them into the cities in luxury vehicles including, in at least one incident here in the SOHO section of New York City, a $350,000 Rolls Royce. Here in my East Side neighborhood for the last several years, the most prevalent crime source has been, not "Antifa," not BLM, and not the rapid influx of Muslims. It has been the decidedly caucasian Russian Mob. None of that matters to republicans. Their message is that all looting, if not all crime is perpetrated by brown and black people, period. For republicans, BLM, especially, is the perfect catch-all for the bigotry that defines them. Their feeling is so intense and mindless that they don't even see the multitudes of white and Asian people marching right along with the brown and black marchers. It doesn't compute. If you ever have the misfortune to find yourself engaged in a conversation about this with some republican loon, I've provided a few questions, questions about real terrorists, white ones, not Antifa or BLM, you could ask. Just be prepared either for "That's different." or just the usual glassy-eyed stare followed by a comment about Obama, Barack Hussein Obama at that, with an emphasis on the middle name, of course. Bonus points: For extra confusion in the Republican mind, you might also mention that 'Hussein' means 'blessing.' Try it. I've done it. Fun ensues. And now the list of aforementioned questions:

  • Who murdered the shoppers at the Wal-Mart in El Paso?

  • Who killed the two police officers in Las Vegas Nevada?

  • Who attempted to blow up the Federal Building, Mexican Consulate and police headquarters in Austin Texas?

  • Who actually did blow up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City and why is he becoming more of a hero to the right every day?

  • Who killed the federal security officer David Underwood in Oakland California and tried to use a BLM protest as cover in order to frame BLM? Sean Hannity and Eric Shawn of FOX "News" wasted no time trying to tie BLM to the murder, with Hannitty asserting that Officer Underwood was "murdered by rioters."

  • Why no outrage at the murder of 3 dozen police officers by far right extremists across America in the last 10 years? What? No Blue Lives Matter demonstrations when it's fellow Nazis doing the killing?

  • Who set fire to the businesses and tried to kill the police in Saint Paul and Minneapolis Minnesota? According to even the Wall Street Journal, Minnesota state officials have pointed to unspecified and unconnected outsiders, including white supremacists, anarchists, and drug cartels for turning peaceful demonstrations into violent riots that left scores of businesses looted, damaged or destroyed by flames. While 2 of the 3 of those groups may have had a diverse make up, the state officials were, unlike conservative politicians and media clowns, not pointing fingers at BLM.

  • Kenosha Killer Kyle Rittenhouse is a Republican celebrity and hero. Does anyone have to ask why?

  • Who built dozens of pipe bombs and mailed them out to prominent "liberal" figures?

  • Who did an armed takeover of the Michigan legislature during a meeting and also conspired to kidnap the sitting governor?

  • Who made similar plans for the governor of Virginia?

  • What if Breonna Taylor was a white woman who had been shot by a black intruder wearing a BLM t-shirt instead of an intruder wearing a police uniform? None of the perpetrators of the above were Antifa or BLM groups by any stretch of the imagination. No mass outrage and ridicule directed at them from those who so vociferously condemn Antifa and BLM either. Republicans clearly chose the targets for their outrage based on race. The perps in the above questions were assorted white supremacy types and militia groups with names like Boogaloo Army, Michigan Militia, and The Proud Boys. Their cheerleaders are to be found throughout the Republican Party and the right wing conspiracy media. They have names like Ted Cruz, Tucker Carlson, Rush Limbaugh, Stephen Miller, Donald Trump, Laura "Ilsa" Ingraham, Rudy Giuliani, Mark Levin, Alex Jones, and Sean Hannity. You can throw in at least half of both houses of Congress, too. ADDENDUM: I can't help but notice how silent Republicans are about the latest and most devastating cyber attacks on our country. Yup, black faces bother them more than even that.