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NY Senator Chuck Schumer (D) Prepares to Make Global Warming Warmer

Yesterday, the American Petroleum Institute finally finished its 2022 91 page fossil fuel bill for Schumer and Manchin. It’s as bad as anyone would have expected— except some extreme Republicans who might have expected even worse. The irony here is that there might not be enough Democrats to defeat this Climate Abandonment shit sandwich without the help of disgruntled Manchin-hating Republicans, even though the corruptWest Virginia coal baron has been whining that “this is something the Republican Party has wanted for the last five to seven years I’ve been with them.”

Keep in mind that, although he isn't up for reelection now, then notoriously corrupt Manchin has received more campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry than any other member of Congress from with party this cycle, according to Open Secrets.

Climate Brad pounded fake Climate Hawks Schumer, Biden and Brian Schatz this morning at Hill Heat. “As it turns out,” he wrote, “Sen. John Tester (D-MT) was right about the deal being a ‘piece of shit’ in between ‘sliced bread.’ Ecomodernist dudes like Sen. Brian Schatz (D-HI) and The Atlantic’s Robinson Meyer want to talk about the artisanal sourdough of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission getting authority over high-voltage transmission siting, but not the heaping, steaming piles of mandatory fast-tracking of fossil-fuel projects ranging from the fracked-gas Mountain Valley Pipeline to offshore drilling.”

Climate journalists Lee Harris and Julia Rock dug into a key provision of Manchin’s bill, finding it a fracking-industry dream, as it would compel “the president to unilaterally speed up a handful of energy projects, while requiring that at least five of them boost fossil fuels.”
After President Joe Biden took one of the first bites of Manchin’s plan, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre shared, he announced: “This sandwich is DELICIOUS!
Maybe Biden’s bout with COVID gave him anosmia? Better get that checked out by the White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council.
Mindless approval of fracked gas pipelines was Donald Trump’s dream, so why is Congress doing this now when lawmakers know better?" asks Center for Biological Diversity’s Brett Hartl. “We don’t need to gut the Clean Water Act and other bedrock environmental laws to build out wind and solar energy."
Fortunately, some folks’ olfactory sense is still working, thanks to the efforts of thousands of climate justice activists around the country.
Fiona is now a Cat 4 storm, barreling towards Bermuda, as “more than a half million people in Puerto Rico remained without water service” and "more than 1 million customers in Puerto Rico were still without power.”
Fossil-fueled heat in the Midwest smashes records, from Wichita (100°) to Rapid City (97°).
Staten Island’s Oakwood Beach community is disappearing to the rising seas.
Fossil-fueled wildfires are killing off New Mexican fish.
Checking in on the fossil-fuel industry: JPMorgan Chase chief Jamie Dimon told Congress “that the US needs to invest in the fossil-fuel industry to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.” Sure, that’ll work.
A fire at BP’s 103-year-old Oregon, Ohio refinery killed two workers. BP is not releasing further details.
Germany nationalizes natural-gas importing giant Uniper, as the country’s decades-old bet on private energy markets and Russian gas collapses.
Senate Energy holds a hearing on batteries and energy storage.
THE FINAL WORD: At Rep. Jared Huffman’s hearing on the Public Lands and Waters Climate Leadership Act yesterday, climate scientist Andrew Dessler explained that “adaptation” is used by climate deniers as code for human suffering, and continued: “What the science clearly shows us is that the Earth is warming, humans are to blame for the warming, and the magnitude of future warming is going to be extremely large.”

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Sep 23, 2022

thus further proving, confirming and affirming my low opinion of the lying hapless worthless feckless CORRUPT neoliberal fascist pussy democrap party.

so... elect more democraps... to what end? the end of humanity on earth? All I can say is go for it, all you "lesser evilists".

Thus, also proving, confirming and affirming my low opinion of all americans who vote -- dumber than shit in spades.

and if jamie dimon was in prison, as he deserves to be, for trillions in finance fraud (see: 2008 crash), you prolly wouldn't be quoting his nonsense here.

Thus proving, confirming and affirming the utter debacle that was the obamanation/holder admin.

If I missed anyone or anything... just know that the more you write…

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