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North Carolina Democratic Party Wants Schumer To Stop Interfering With Their Primaries

Unless you know Schumer-- we went to the same high school at the same time and he was like this then too-- you'd think he would learn from the disastrous failures he keeps having by interfering with states trying to nominate good, winnable candidates for the Senate. He used to be head of the DSCC and he was a huge failure back then too. I remember when he tried running a typical Schumer-like Wall Street whore for the Senate in Montana. The Netroots was more unified then than now and we shoved his candidate up his ass and helped someone running as a populist win the nomination and then the general, ousting a long-time corrupt Republican incumbent. And even when Schumer wins-- which is rare-- he (and the country) loses, Kyrsten Sinema, his Arizona candidate in 2018, for whom he cleared the field and tanked good campaigns in the crib, being the perfect example.

Last year his two most spectacular disasters were in Kentucky and North Carolina, both of which still have Republican senators. In Kentucky he was viciously opposed to Charles Booker and put everything into Amy McGrath, a moderate nothing who never had an iota of a chance to win. She failed against the impossibly unpopular incumbent, Mitch McConnell, 1,233,315 (57.8%) to 816,257 (38.2%) after burning through a shocking $90,775,744 (she still has $3.3 million left!!) to McConnell's $64,787,889. Schumer engineered another $15 million in independent money for the campaign.

Another disaster for him (and us) was his decision to destroy popular state Senator Erica Smith-- too progressive for his liking-- on behalf of a centrist nothing. Oh, and she's a smart, independent black woman and Schumer's candidate... a dumb-as-a-brick, do-as-you're-told white man, Cal Cunningham. After two consecutive primary polls showed that Smith would beat both Cunningham and then Republican Senator Thom Tillis, Schumer started a vicious whispering campaign among an access-hungry media about a fake scandal he invented. Schumer won the charisma-free and completely uninspiring Cunningham the primary and then handed Tillis another 6 year term.

Rather than face up to his own failings, Schumer blamed the loss on Cunningham's inability to keep his fly closed. Maybe Schumer should have thought about that before setting out to tank Erica Smith. This afternoon Matt Hughs, chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party called the winter meeting of the state executive committee to order. The last resolution of the night reflects the widespread dissatisfaction with Schumer and his Tammany Hall-style boss politics.

Resolution Supporting Fair Primary Elections
WHEREAS, the North Carolina Democratic Party is grateful for the help and support in elections over the years from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC); and
WHEREAS, the North Carolina Democratic Party fully supports fair primary elections to nominate its candidates for partisan office; and
WHEREAS, Our Democratic Party is a grassroots organization; and
WHEREAS, the North Carolina Democratic Party supports the right of the Tarheel State’s Democrats to democratically choose their candidates without big money influence so that all primary candidates-- rich or poor-- have a fair shot at nomination based on their issues advocacy and experience; and
WHEREAS, the North Carolina Democratic Party strongly holds that Tar Heel Democrats are best suited to choose candidates who will win elections in the Tar Heel State; and
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the North Carolina Democratic Party strongly urges both the DSCC and DCCC to support Tarheel Democrats and the nation by refraining from donations to candidates in North Carolina Democratic Party primaries; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the North Carolina Democratic Party strongly urges that the DSCC and the DCCC support All of the NCDP’s nominees for Congress and the Senate; and finally
BE IT RESOLVED, the NCDP State Executive Committee requests that the Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party and the North Carolina Democratic Party representatives to the Democratic National Committee convey this resolution to the DCCC and the DSCC.

Schumer is so tempted to force Cunningham II (Jeff Jackson) down North Carolina Democrats' throats... but EMILY's List has it's own centrist candidate it's pushing, Cheri Beasley. In 2019 Beasley was appointed by Gov. Roy Cooper to serve as chief justice of the state Supreme Court a year later but lost (narrowly) to right-wing nut case Paul Newby. If you'd like to help make sure Erica Smith-- "too progressive for the Sinema-living Schumer but just right for North Carolinians"-- has a fair shot in the primary, please click on the Blue America 2022 Senate thermometer above and contribute what you can.

[In the end, the party never got to the resolutions, having run out of time on the endless Zoom call. They plan to take them all up at the summer session.]

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I suggest the NC Democratic Party stick a middle finger to Schumer, The DCCC & The DNC & go along with their resolution & support Erica anyway he's a corrupt brick wall who has too much money & power attached to his brain he's ridiculous.

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