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Midnight Meme Of TheDay! Trump Always Made Sure We Knew He's A Traitor...

by Noah

...but, like I always say, Washington takes care of its own. What Trump is was obvious from the moment he announced his candidacy. Do I have to add that too many millions of voters of any party don't even care enough to pay attention? Hell, 74,000,000 voters said "Me likey the traitor man" and gave Traitor Don their full support with their votes, money, freakshow lawn displays, and bizarro boat and truck parades which continue to this day on any given Sunday!

Here's Rep. Adam Schiff as he described Trump at the first of two Trump impeachment trials.

"He has betrayed our nation's security and he will do so again. He has compromised our elections and he will do so again. You will not change him. You cannot constrain him. He is who he is. Truth matters little to him. What's right matters even less and decency matters not at all."

Given the votes of the Republicans in both houses of Congress during the trials, it's clear that Adam Schiff could have been just as well describing virtually any Republican in the building let alone the nation. They are all what they are. They are complicit. They are accomplices. You think beating cops to death at the Capitol Building is bad? The blood of every intelligence agent of ours that has recently died and will die in some far off land due to the treason of Trump is on the hands of anyone who backed Trump in any way. They knew. It was plain as day. As that oval office meeting with his Russian backers shows, Trump's whole term was traitorous and the actions of him and his goose-stepping party of goons since he was voted out of office has not changed. You can't seriously expect them to. "Truth matters little." Remember when that sweaty, oozing old nazi Rudy Giuliani went on FOX "News" and said "Truth isn't truth." They've been brazenly telling the world what they are for a long time so, believe them!

If Traitor Don Trump had been removed from office the day (or soon after) he invited those Russians into the oval office to give them that Top Secret intelligence that had been painstakingly gathered by Israeli agents, our supposed allies, imagine how different the conversation would be today. Trump showed he was a traitor right then and there, May 10, 2017, as if it wasn't already evident during the 2016 campaign.

Trump even had a Russian photographer there in the Oval Office instead of an American one. No American reporters allowed either. He was rubbing his treachery in our faces; sending a signal. Yet, no one even mentions that day. Back then, the reaction was swift but, of course, the Dems and the media knew any attempt to take it further would be stopped by Moscow Mitch McConnell, et al. just as the two later impeachment attempts were. The Republican Party was all in on Traitor Don's treachery from the get-go and still is.

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Aug 31, 2022

at another meet, trump and putin retired to a private room for a 2-hour chat, after which he ordered all interpreter notes be destroyed. Which is interesting because only the Russian interpreter was in the secret part of the meet and putin prolly speaks more fluent english than trump.

I've only seen a couple others mention any of this since the insurrection... or since it happened. So, good on ya for remembering.

But the more you remember, it magnifies the bigger the question of why democraps continue to refuse to do "merrick garland" about it/him. Both chambers have intel committees that certainly know how many of our assets have been disappeared.

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