• Noah

Midnight Meme Of TheDay!

by Noah

Of course the Alabama Republican Party gave Trump an award! It's the latest cause for celebration on the FOX Tiki Torch channel. Trump loves the poorly educated and they love him right back. Alabama's Republicans have spoken and they have issued a proclamation declaring Donald Jackass Trump "One of our greatest and most effective presidents." Yeah, right up there with Jefferson Davis. Davis got a lot of people killed, too. Now, that's effective! The only question I have about the award is, by what name will this award come to be known? Will it be known as the Grand Wizard Of Grand Wizards Award? The Number One White Supremacist Enabler Award? The Jim Crow Award? How about the COVID Genocide Award? Yep! Trump was damn effective!

When Nazi Party officials want to give Trump awards, couldn't they just give him one of those #1 Dad coffee (covefe) mugs? They could just add a swastika flag sticker to it. Perfect! Giving Trump an award for being "one of our greatest presidents" is like Stormy Daniels and the American Association Of Porn Stars giving him a Greatest Lay Of The Year award. Maybe the $enate and House Republicans will give him that one but subtitle it the Lindsey Graham Award.

The first time I was really shocked by Alabama and what its majority stands for was back in 1963 when they had freely elected George Wallace, a virulent racist democratic governor. Later that year, on 9/15/63, the news of the bombing deaths, in a church on a Sunday no less, of 4 little African-American girls broke. 22 other people were injured. I was still a boy then but every time since, when the thought that maybe just maybe there is a glimmer of hope for Alabama, something like this proclamation for Trump happens. It's bad enough that the whole country has a poisonous streak of Alabama in it. 4 years of a Trump presidency is proof of that. But it's like Alabama just has to remind us who and what they are. It's the dark flipside of a democracy where the majority rules. Mississippi will turn blue before Alabama does. It's already closer to that day. So will Texas and Georgia, though their republicans are fighting mightily for the cause of white supremacy. Those states will one day firmly succumb to the tide of decency and history, but Alabama? They'll secede first and why not let them? They are a major taker state anyway, a big time drain on the United States Treasury and frankly, what does the rest of the country get from Alabama in return but treason puppets like Tommy Tubberville and child molesters like Judge Roy Moore running for $enator. You read that right; Judge and child molester, for Senate! Give him an award too! You can bet that one's already being discussed in the Alabama state house. I can hear them crying in the state house, "Judge Roy is such a fine man. He would have been our greatest senator ever, if not for all those uppity black women voters being allowed to vote. We gotta fix that!"

So, as I say, what else would you expect of Sweet Home Alabama? Statues are next. That little gold Trump statue at CPAC a couple of weeks ago was just the beginning. FOX "News" will be selling lawn-sized versions and garden gnome-sized versions by the end of the year, in time for Christmas! Maybe it'll be a joint venture of Tucker Tiki Torch and the My Pillow goon. Republicans everywhere will be decorating their lawns and gardens with them right along with their lawn jockeys and Confederate and Trump Nazi flags. If a state can be a tumor that can kill a country, Alabama, despite the competition, is it.