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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Yes, The Taliban Has Been One-Upped By The GOP

by Noah

Your Saturday Cartoon:

It must be really frustrating for the two terrorists pictured above. They've dedicated their whole lives, their whole essence, to being the worst of the worst, to being #1 in the repression, hate, and terror world and then comes a bunch of dumbass, red-hatted Bozo-Americans, that steal all your ideas and use them in an attempt to take over the top "democracy" in the world and all but run it into the ground.

There those two terrorists stand, looking at the list of Republican Party accomplishments and realizing that just about everything except beheading women is on the list, but, considering that republicans are already killing women by forcing sepsis upon many of them and how so many republicans are supporting Uganda's new "Kill the Gays' law, they can hold out hope that they're still #1 for now. Emphasis, "for now" but I bet they're keeping a wary eye on American Taliban hellholes like Florida and Texas.

Do enough of us care about where this ends to do anything about it? Apparently the answer is still no.

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