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Midnight Meme Of The Day! William Barr, Body Surfer

by Noah

William Barr was chosen by The Diaper Don to be his personal consigliere not the traditional people's attorney that meets the job description of the position of Attorney General of the United States of America. A former member of the Bush Crime Family, Barr aggressively sought out the position in Trump's administration. As such, he willingly put himself at or very near the top of the list of sleaziest, slimiest, and most subversive of Attorneys General in our nation's history, even ahead of Richard Nixon's Attorney General John Mitchell. Like the rest of the Trump all star team of dirtbags, Barr is proud of his means of operation and accomplishments. In working on Trump and the Republican Party's behalf, it is clear that he was not working for America and its ideals but against it. William Barr was and is a sustained act of war on this country. Here is just a generalized list of Barr's achieved goals.

Let's see:

1. Undermined the Mueller investigation. Check!

2. Lying about the Mueller report after its completion in order to make it sound like there was no collusion with the real Republican Party Chairman Vladimir Putin. Check!

3. Putting personal and political priorities ahead of following and protecting the principles of the Constitution, in fact undermining the separation of powers and selectively interfering in prosecutions. Check!

4. Hindered congressional oversight in regards to various Trump activities. Check!

5. Spying on your boss's political adversaries, even their families. Check!

6. Take every step possible to officially turn the United States into a Third World Dictatorship. Check!

If William Barr had been the Attorney General in a Democratic administration, he would already be in jail. The Republicans would have Benghazied him to death. Instead, the congressional Democrats are doing their usual thing which is writing their patented milquetoast letters requesting the appearance of Barr, and other traitors to the country, at their hearings regarding the Trump administration's spying on House Democrats during the impeachment hearings. "Please, if you would be so kind..." Oh my fucking God, they even have Republicans, aka, Barr's fellow traitors and fellow travelers, on the committee! I know. Right. Shocking isn't it? To use polite Washington-ese, Barr is "not inclined" to come. This is like having an investigation of Saddam Hussein, putting his supportes on the committee, and then having the presence of Saddam's sons, Uday and Qusay requested only to get a reply that says they can't tear themselves away from their rape room so they'll give it a pass. This is how Washington takes care of its own, folks. Every damn single one of the traitors, Hawley, Cruz, Nunes, McConnell, Boebert, McCarthy, Gohmert, Greene, Graham, Gosar, Biggs, the entire Trump White House staff and their Proud Boy friends... They should all be dragged in front of the committee in chains if necessary! That goes for the repugs on the committee and anyone of them who voted to overthrow the election. Yeah, that's a lot of chains, but it would be taxpayer money much better spent than on what amounts to the usual Washington dog and pony show. Doing this the right way and literally dragging the goons before the committee in chains before the committee would get eyeballs on the nation's televisions big time. And, boy, Trump loves ratings! That would get ratings!!!

Disbarment is the very least of what Trump's second Attorney General deserves, and, no, I don't expect that even that tiny grain of justice to ever happen because, as I already said and always say, Washington really does take care of its own. Things were bad enough with the bunch of vermin in suits back in Nixon's Watergate days. After a portion of Nixon's Watergate era crimes were exposed, Nixon got his get out of jail free card from a corrupt moron named Gerald Ford and people like Nixon's plumbers got sentenced to vacations at tennis camp. I'll always remember the picture of Egil Krogh showing up for "prison" carrying his tennis racquet.

What did Nixon's insane crook of an AG get for his crimes? Yeah, tennis camp for him, too. He was even "allegedly" involved in Nixon's treasonous 1968 sabotage of the Paris Peace Accords which resulted in over a million deaths and casualties including American soldiers and South Vietnamese soldiers and civilians. So, if that's how easy Mitchell got off back in the 1970s, what do you think William Barr will get in these free and easy times when Democrats take a wimpy approach to repeated impeachable offenses including treason and Republicans call their domestic terrorist pals who tried to overthrow the United States of America tourists? Believe it or not, traitors in this country used to get the firing squad. Hell, our society has degraded so much that a patriotic citizen can't even challenge a traitorous goon like Jabba the Barr to a duel, let alone hook him up to the back of an SUV or truck and take him for a dark night of body surfing on the Beltway. Three loops oughta do it!

Nixon set a precedent for committing war crimes and getting away with it. It would be hard to find a president who hasn't taken advantage of that since and thanks the ghost of Nixon every night while doing it. Now the war is against America this time and it's right here in the good ol' U.S.A. again and it's a war without borders this time. Any idiot can see what tolerating that precedent will do. We've already descended into madness. As with other countries that went down this path, war in the streets will soon follow. Get ready for the Republican dream.


1 Comment

Jun 17, 2021

if barr had been a democrap AG... he would never have been inconvenienced by anyone. and the nazis in congress couldn't put him in jail. they may impeach him, but that's all.

and remember that holder was obamanation's AG. And HE refused to do his job in any meaningful way. nobody went to prison for torture. nobody went to prison for over $20 trillion in fraud. cheney skated on treason.

I find not much difference between this guy and obamanation's AG. Neither did anything useful toward the goal of justice in this shithole.

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