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Midnight Meme Of The Day! White Power Poster Boy

by Noah Kyle Kyle Kyle! We see you! We see you flashing the White Power hand sign in the photo on the left. We also see your fake crying for the jury. Whatsamatter? You couldn't even come up with some fake tears? Got a dry eye problem Kyle? Damn! You are one pathetic piece of shit and that's an insult to shit. But don't worry Kyle, You got yourself a whole party of backers and I'll be pleasantly shocked if you end up serving any time. After all, your backers have a message to send to America, a message that wantonly killing protesters in the street, if not in their homes, is perfectly A-OK. It's part of the Republican Party platform, just like Kent State was, Jackson State, too. Definitely Jackson State. Your RNC-Nazi friends will run on it and their 70,000,000 Nazi voters will eagerly vote for it. I bet you're already booked for some appearences on FOX "News" and all of the other Proud Boy Nazi media affiliates. Hannity's already had your mommy on. She's a Republican White Power Hero just like you for transporting you across the border from Illinois to Wississippi, enabling your deed. Funny how none of the authorities seem to be talking about putting her on trial, too. And let's not forget, Kyle, when you're done with your "trial," you can make some extra cash doing re-enactments of your fake crying at every republican campaign rally in the land. I can hear the laughter now. They'll find you inspiring. You'll sell a lot of hats and your "Free As Fuck" t-shirts, too. See ya Kyle. Your sanity clock is ticking. Noah Oh, and dear readers, did I say Kyle Rittenhouse has backers? Yes, I did. Take a look at this:

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