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Midnight Meme Of The Day! When It Comes To Trump, Russia Is Still Listening!

by Noah

The Republican Party has been nurturing its relationship with Vladimir Putin's Russia since he took over the place. If that wasn't apparent before the 2016 presidential campaign, it certainly was the moment the Dear Leader of The Republican Party asked for Russia's help on nationwide TV with the words, "Russia if you're listening." And, of course, we quickly saw that they were.


Now, in just the past two weeks, the Republicans kiboshed the current effort to continue to give support to Ukraine and Russia is making military gains there again. Not only that but mere hours after the party's Dear Leader said he would encourage Russia to "do anything they wanted," Putin murdered the leader of his opposition. Clearly, when Traitor Trump speaks, Russia is indeed listening. Incidentally, I should remind you that, in recent months, Dear Leader Trump has also vowed that, if he is elected or otherwise installed in the White House again, he will begin the process of rounding up and jailing his opponents here in true dictatorial fashion. Obviously, there is already a symbiotic relationship between Russia and the Republican Party and it goes from Donald Trump, RNC head Ronna Romney McDaniel, Moscow Mitch McConnell, MAGA Mike Johnson, and the party's propaganda outlets, lead by FOX "News," on down to the lowest Republican officials, politicians, trolls, and enablers. The GOP intentions of being Russian assets right here on our soil are clear as day to anyone who isn't a fool.

So, since at the same time as all this has been going on, the Republican Party has never wavered in its support for Dear Leader, even helping to pay his legal bills and insisting that he will be and must be their nominee for this year's presidential election, we should not be surprised if it comes out that they are beavering away in trying to help Dear Leader to come up with the money to pay off his ever increasing fines for his flouting of the nation's laws; fines which have already passed $500,000,000 and look to increase further as his personal Courtchella Tour goes on and on.

All this begs the question, "Where's the cash gonna come from?" Well, you can bet that Traitor Don, his family, various U.S. Hitler Garden Billionaires, Banksters, various career criminals from around the world, and, most definitely, foreign leaders like Putin, Xi, Kim Jong Un, the Saudi Royals, and Viktor Orban have all been contacted. Sure, America's number one family of traitors and national security risks can sell some properties and other assets that they own, but why would they if our nation's foreign adversaries are willing to pony up for a payback of future considerations, considerations like being allowed to take over places like Eastern Europe, South Korea, Taiwan, and maybe even Israel. And that would only be the beginning. After all, to the Trumps, everyone is expendable and only they matter. 



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