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Midnight Meme Of The Day! We Are A Species In Retrograde...

Your Saturday Cartoon

by Noah

...and the fact that it has to be pointed out is proof! Tom Tomorrow once again shows us that a chain is only as good as its weakest links. Emphasis on the plural. The plural in great numbers, numbers like nobody has ever seen before. Believe me. Lots of things written in the Bible long, long ago can be attributed to bad wine and bread mold. What's our excuse? Which came first? Bad schools and bad newscasters, or the chemicals in our food, air and water? I know what I think.  


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02 mar

The bible is pure ignorance and myth. anyone who still believes that ignorance and myth today must be dumber than shit. something like 70% of americans proudly say they believe that ignorance and myth. ipso facto QED at least 70% of americans are dumber than shit. And you don't even need to bring up how they all vote.

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