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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Washington: City Of Traitors

by Noah

Who else's fingerprints are on the GOP's attempted coup? Obviously Mark Meadows and the rest of the traitorous goons at the White House on that horrid day. $enators Hawley and Cruz and all of the others in both houses of Congress who openly supported the coup and voted to have Trump seize power and establish a Nazi dictatorship? Check! The Congresscretins who arranged tours for their domestic terrorist friends? Double Check!! Every one of the 10,000 domestic terrorists that stormed the Capitol Building at the behest of the Republican Party? Check! Those at FOX, AON, Breitbart, Sinclair Media who rooted for the whole thing? Check! Everyone who voted not to impeach Dear Leader for the attempted coup? Check! Other Republican luminaries like Giuliani, Lindell, Flynn, Ellis, Powell, Moscow Mitch? Check! Will any of them serve time, let alone be rightfully executed for treason, any of them at all? Not a chance since, as I always say, Washington takes care of its own. History tells us that's the one thing that's usually bi-partisan in DC. Endless unpunished war crimes and the lame, pulled-punch first impeachment trial proved that. So did the people who let Nixon walk free. If the fix is in, add more names to the list, re-commission the U.S.S. Enterprise, nail them all to the deck with a rivet gun and set sail for GITMO!

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