• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Two Americas To The Max!

by Noah

I have a constructive suggestion. Since Trump and Republicans have convinced their delusional minds that Donald Trump is indeed the real President Of The United States, why don't we build him (and them) a facsimile White House? We could tear down one of Trump's empty hotels, maybe the one in Washington, and build it there. We could give him an "oval office" from which he could broadcast via FOX "News" and AON exclusively to his demented followers. We could outfit the new "oval office" with his gold toilet and murals of black people being lynched and children in cages. We could hire an Ivanka look-a-like hooker to spank his ass with rolled up magazines all day long. We could even give him a telephone direct to a fake Putin on the end of the line. That way, he could still call up "Putin" for continued advice as he always has. That could lead to all sorts of fun, especially when our fake Putin starts telling him to sunbathe naked on the "White House" lawn because it will add years to his life. Putin could even tell him to ride a horse naked down Pennsylvania Avenue with Roger Stone. "Take it from me, Donald. That's what the American people want to see. They'll love you for it. You'd be thumbing your nose at the New York Times!"

Meanwhile, the event that the above "meme" is advertising is all too real. Really real. It's in Wisconsin on Saturday. His Orange Freakness is going to broadcast to the rally just like I suggested he could do above from a new facsimile oval office. Just a few days ago he gave what he called a "Presidential Address" to the Republican Party from a completely bonkers state called North Carolina. I get emails from the RNC that tell me the Republican Party is planning such events like the ones in North Carolina and Wisconsin for the entire summer, all leading up to his reinstallation as president in August. "President For Life" no doubt. I don't know a single republican who believes otherwise. They're all in. Meth, racism, anti-Semitism, tweets and emails from Q, an AR-15, and nightly doses of Tucker Tiki Torch and Sean Insanity on a big wide screen is all they need. It's a lifestyle. It's called being a Republican.

Let's give them a facsimile Capitol Building, too. Let all those Repug Party nutballs piss and shit all over it to their hearts content. Let them burn it to the ground and cheer! Give the people what they want! Let them burn crosses on the mall! Give them a gallows and then show them fake tweets about politicians they thought were allies. Let's have a fake Q! Let's watch the Republicans cheering at showings of the Zapruder film projected on the Lincoln Memorial! Let them show the world fully what they are more than ever before!