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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Tucker Carlson Deserves A Life Sentence In Rikers

by Noah

"By any actual reality based measure, Vladimir Putin is not losing the war in Ukraine. He is winning the war in Ukraine."
-A traitor named Tucker Carlson on his Tokyo Rose styled FOX "News" propaganda show.

I haven't watched CNN since the days of the 2004 election campaign when they were all in for Dubya and singing the praises of the whole damn Bush family but I periodically tune in to FOX "News" to see what's going on in Traitorville. I know that, one day soon, I am going to do so and there will be Russian subtitles along the bottom of the screen. Maybe a FOX "News" 2 with the voices overdubbed in Russian and English subtitles will also be available so that Republican voters will not just be able to learn their favorite lingo but also nail the accent.

If this was 1942 and FOX was rooting for the Axis Powers as no doubt they would have, we'd have everyone that works there being held in prison on treason and spy charges or, having already been convicted, they'd be slurping a bowl of maggot infested gruel on death row, while they would, to a man and woman, be bellowing about "free speech" and "my liberties," of course. But, alas, we've gone soft. We live in lenient, permissive times where all kinds of sicknesses are allowed to flourish and prosper. Call that a death wish for democracy.

Anyway, Sergei Tucker, Sergei Sean, Sergei Murdoch, and the rest of the Russian State TV darlings at FOX are now being rightly and mercilessly mocked by patriotic Americans and Ukraine supporters from around the world as Ukraine, at least for now, is booting the Russians off their land. But is that the best we can do? Would we have given Hitler, Hirohito, or Mussolini a big studio facility on New York's Avenue Of The Americas back in the day? From the looks of things... Look, we don't have real justice. We have wrist slap justice delivered with and and a wink. We have Twitter Justice which amounts to verbal pins in an imaginary voodoo doll.

So here's a small sample of the best we the people can provide in a world where the FCC and our farcical justice system dispense the rule of lawlessness. Yeah, I know the wheels of justice turn slowly, even backward, if one is to judge by the slap on the wrist sentences being handed out to the 1/6 terrorists. but this is absurd and absurd is not a strong enough word. There are no words for the horror of this idiocracy where regulators and justice officials drag their feet and make a mockery of their alleged professions. Maybe we need some smarter, younger, faster hamsters.

Here's just a sample of the mocking tweets that have been directed at Sergie Tucker of late:

1) @Adam Parkhomenko- Russia is getting its ass kicked which means Tucker Carlson is weeping as he makes a suit of human skin.

2) @AaronParnas- Hey@TuckerCarlson, Ukraine just broke through the Russian front line in key areas. Slava Ukraini!

3) @Acyn- Tucker Carlson remains a master war expert.

Feel free to keep this thing going. I'm all for piling on traitors, especially when they start sweating like Tucker Carlson is now. It's not the full extent of what he deserves by any means but, for now, it seems to be all we have. Meanwhile, imagine the cheering coming from FOX, Mar-a-Lago, and RNC headquarters if their man Putin seeks revenge by blowing up the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant or worse.

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