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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Trump Zombie Lieutenants! Senators Of The Damned!

by Noah

These goons really are possessed. They've always made it obvious, but sadly, even when faced with an Everest of evidence, too few of us can bring ourselves to believe that human beings can be as sociopathically malformed as the ones pictured above. And so, they end up being given free rein to push their nihilistic dreams of inflicting misery and destruction.

Funny how politicians always run to the microphones and cameras but, when it comes to condemning their Dear Orange Menace To Society for advocating the termination of rules, regulations and the articles of the American Constitution? Nary a word of condemnation has been heard. Oh hell, Republicans always want to do away with regulations anyway, unless they want to use them to give our money to billionaires and oppress the rest of us that is.

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Dec 09, 2022

you're missing a few.

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