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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Trump Mocks Biden's Seat At Queen's Funeral!

by Noah

There goes Donnie Psycho! Always tasteful! Always the epitome of Me, Me, Me Republicanism!

The number one idol of Republicans everywhere just had to make the Queen's funeral all about where he'd be positioned in the church. Kinda reminds me of when he shoved the Prime Minister of Montenegro out of the way on that stage at the 2017 NATO conference so he could be front and center, or, even worse, when after the tragedy of the World Trade Center twin towers being obliterated and all those people dying, he just had to go around telling anyone who would listen that one of his buildings was now the tallest building in all of New York City. No matter what, it's all about him.

How much do you wanna bet that Queen Elizabeth had already stipulated in writing that if she croaked and, whether or not "that loathsome greasy orange bean bag" was still the President of the United States, he was not, under any circumstances, to be invited to her funeral. I'd love to be the one that got to tell him that. It's all moot anyway since, yes, he was not invited.

Donnie Traitor has a habit of not being invited to funerals. The previous, most notable instance was the one for Senator John McCain. Gotta wonder if Melania has already told people he's not to come to hers if she goes first, and that she's not to be buried at the second hole of one of his golf courses either.

I tell ya one thing, though, when Trump finally does the world a favor and dies of syphilis or whatever, I'll happily join the long line of patriotic Americans waiting for their turn to spit into Trump's open coffin. Of course, if the line's too long, I'll just come back another day or, even better, come back when his gold toilet is placed in a porta-potty and positioned as an outhouse on top of his grave and given national park status.

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