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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Traitor Don Trump, Igniter And Inciter

by Noah

I get so many merchandise emails from the RNC and Trump headquarters that I'm surprised a MAGA cigarette lighter hasn't been offered, yet. Maybe soon. It'll come along with an offer of a nice gasoline can with the party's elephant logo. The cigarette lighter would be all red of course and I'm sure we'd be offered a choice of MAGA lettering or an artful shadowy outline of the elephant.

Anyway, kudos to the great Mike Lukovich for the fine cartoon depiction of the Republican Party Dream. Traitor Don is indeed their messiah, the messiah they have hoped for since at least the days of Pat Buchanan. And yes, Trump is still their messiah even as his legal troubles mount up. How can I tell? Easy, do you see any of them speaking out against him? Nope, and judging also from the glowing emails I get from RNC Chairbozo Ronna Romney McDaniel, he's still very much their guy, and no reasonably intelligent citizen should be surprised.

The countdown to the next Timothy McVeigh has already begun. Don't be shocked if, one day soon, you hear news of some old goon wearing a faded Newt Gingrich t-shirt being pulled over on the Interstate with a rented truck full of detonators and bags of fertilizer.


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10. Okt. 2023

hatewatt, you may know this; noah may know this; and I may know this. But are you seriously saying anyone who will be driving another truckload of fertilizer bombs knows who the fuck newt fucking gingrich was... or has ever heard of timothy mcveigh?

these assholes have heard 3 names they can remember: trump, jesus and hitler. and they believe the former is the reincarnation of both the latter.

Nice try though. gotta justify the hate.

Gefällt mir

Guestcrapper, The mention of an old faded Gingrich t-shirt, Timothy McVeigh, and fertilizer WAS a reference towards nazis. Both Gingrich and McVeigh had close ties to Northwest nazi and upper Midwestern nazi groups like the Aryan Nation in the days of the Oklahoma City bombing of the federal building there and a repeat of that is what Noah is saying is on the way. Newt is even more out of the nazi closet now with his devotion to Trump and all that he stands for. His days of being a cheerleader for every nazi, white supremacist, Anti-Semitic group in this country, Aryan Nation, KKK etc. while he was Speaker Of The House was sick and it gave people like McVeigh…

Gefällt mir

10. Okt. 2023

it won't be anything referencing newt. it will be a swastika. that's the vector.

and the reason nobody speaks up against trump in any way is because he is revered by 75 million american nazis who will vote for him to be their dick-tater.

The nazi party has been all about power as a means and an end since FDR was elected in '32

The democrap party is all about suborning bribes and the ROI they offer to their investors.

NEITHER party gives one flying zeptofuck about the constitution or the republic.

Look at what the nazis *DO*.

Look at what the democraps REFUSE to do.

and, fer fuckssakes... keep voting like you have been. wouldn't want anything to change!

Gefällt mir
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