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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Toxic Republican Ooze At Catastrophic Flood Level

by Noah

To make a mockery of the Holocaust in any form is unacceptable and completely insensitive.

- Ben Goorin, President of Goorin Bros, a hat manufacturer whose products were carried in Nashville's HatWRKS

Hundreds of years ago, there were legendary plagues spread by flea-infested rats and we had no vaccines with which to fight back. But now, who needs rats when we have Republicans? Their motto (Well, one of their mottos) is apparently "Let Us Breathe On You With Our Breath Of Death." Today, we have Republicans aka Nazis who nihilistically refuse to be vaccinated. Not only that but they use conspiracy mongering that boggles the mind in an all too often successful attempt to convince others not to get vaccinated and thus spread the current plague of COVID-19. There are whole TV networks dedicated to that, complete with hypocritical twisted psycho pundits who themselves have actually gotten vaccinated! This is one more thing that emphatically shows us that the modern day Republican Party is a Death Cult. Spreading such a serious disease is yet another form of their party platform of domestic terrorism. For them, it's "No one should take away my right to infect my neighbor!" In a classic case of projection, it turns out that it is they who want to kill your grandma.

Every few days, the Republican Party presents us with a new nutcase like Ron Johnson or Josh Hawley, a total perv like Matt Gaetz, Gym Jordan, or Judge Roy Moore, or just people who have dedicated their lives to reaching new depths of evil like Moscow Mitch, Kevin McQarthy, Ron DeSantis, or Greg Abbott. Now, as just one new example, republicans have presented us with someone who shows characteristics from at least 2 of those 3 categories. Yes, folks, the republicans have another new hero and she is shown in tonight's meme. Meet Gigi Gaskins! Gaskins is the depraved, smirking, conspiracy freak owner of HatWRKS in Nashville. She has followed the lead of Marjorie Traitor Greene and Kevin McQarthy and decided to combine being a disease-spreading anti-vaxxer with the anti-Semitism that seems to be second nature to most republicans. She even doubled and then tripled down before finally issuing a way too late and utterly meaningless fake apology on Saturday before playing the victim card and essentially taking her "apology" back on Sunday. We needn't wonder where she would have stood or which side she would have chosen in World War Two. If she didn't speak German already, she would be feverishly studying up. Maybe she would be running a German bund right in Nashville's historic Germantown section.

The Republican embrace of evil in all its forms knows no bounds. Holocaust denial or the minimalization of its seriousness has always been an undercurrent with the Republican Party but once Trump came to power and encouraged and emboldened all things Nazi, Republicans, aka "very fine people," everywhere embraced their Nazi freak flag and let it fly. Now that Nazi undercurrent has risen to the surface, proudly, as in Proud Boys or in this case a Proud Girl. In case you naively ever wondered how Tennessee could elect a goon like Marsha Blackburn to the United States $enate, look no further than Gigi Gaskins. Will you be surprised if the Republican Party now recruits her to be on the ballot for some office in 2022? Can't you just see her as the latest Republican in the House of Representatives?

America ignores this rising tide of true Republicanism that Trump and his followers are unleashing more and more everyday at its own risk.


Ms. Nashville Nazi may have stopped trying to make a buck off of her sick Star Of David anti-vax stars but now it turns out that she may have participated in the Republican Party's attemped coup on 1/6, and, not satisfied with proudly displaying her anti-Semitism has taken to enthusiastically attacking BLM. She's consistent. She's a real charmer that is making every effort to burnish her republican credentials. Expect Trump or RNC chairbozo Ronna Romney McDaniel to start singing her praises soon, very, very soon.


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