Midnight Meme Of The Day! Tim Scott Chose... Poorly.

by Noah

I've seen and heard a lot of commentary about South Carolina $enator Tim Scott's pathetically self-serving and shameless Republican response to President Biden's speech last Wednesday in recent days but, to me, it all boils down to the few words expressed in tonight's meme. That's the key takeaway. (The visual is, appropriately, from the film Django Unchained, a film I recommend). And, yes, Tim Scott actually said that America is not a racist country. Nothing can change the mind of a man so monstrous that he can look into the camera and say that so glibly to all of us.

Tim Scott made his deal. A man like Tim Scott would still say the same thing even if a fellow African-American who he is close to or is related to gets pulled over and shot dead by a MAGA Cop someday. He would say it even if he witnessed it first hand. He has way too much, even more than most of us, invested in a reality built upon a house of cards. He chose... poorly.