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Midnight Meme Of The Day! They Walk Among Us!

by Noah

Yup, right out in the open!

For tonight's meme, I present to you the clearest photo capture yet taken of the once incredibly rare Silverback Sasquatch, along with his juvenile, and, in the background, what is presumed to be his mate. Notice the unique identifying head shape of the apparent female. The "conehead feature" is the number one feature used to gain a positive identification of the species. A strong, gag-inducing body odor is also a common identifying trait.

Such sightings are rare in some areas but have been rapidly increasing since the Trump years. The Silverbacks or "Magas" as they are also known often carry Trump signage or wear it upon their bodies. The Silverback Sasquatch is not only prevalent in the Confederacy but has now spread to nearly every darkening corner of America. As you can see, the species lives on milk and pound-packing ice cream sandwiches. It is advised that, if you live in an area known to be frequented by Silverback Sasquatches, you keep a supply of ice cream sandwiches in your freezer in case one comes knocking since disappointment can often lead to violence including being beaten and stabbed with an American flag on a spear-tipped pole.

The Republican National Committee, run by Rona Romney McDaniel, herself suspected of being more than half Silverback Sasquatch, is known to be actively recruiting Silverbacks to run for political office because Republican voters find it easy to relate to Sasquatch of any kind. Says McDaniel:

Silverback Sasquatch, who communicate best by throwing rocks and excrement, and vocalising in guttural howls, are especially appealing to Republican voters.


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