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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Two Biggest Republican Icons

by Noah

Reagan and Trump are the two most loved Republicans. Any Republican will tell you that. Reagan and Trump are the Republican Party. If you want to know what today's Republican Party stands for, it's not trust-busting Teddy Roosevelt and it certainly isn't Honest Abe Lincoln, the man who freed the slaves. Does any sane person believe that a current Republican president would free black slaves?

As the drawing above indicates, Reagan and Trump are perfect icons of today's Republican Party for another reason. They are the dual personification of the core value of the Republican Party, that of being a death cult.

Just in the remote possibility that you don't think the Republican Party, after all that we've seen, is a death cult, there's Arizona's Representative Paul Gosar, a special pet of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Gosar has now used his Instagram and twitter accounts to post an animated video of him stabbing fellow representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with knives and then using the knives to kill President Biden. The reaction from his party? Removal? Censure? Nope, it's the nodding approval of their silence. In their sick minds, Gosar simply expressed what any of them would also like to do. McCarthy apparently thinks it's funny. Very fine people.

Where does the acceptance of such actions get us? It gets us someone as crazy as McCarthy or Gosar thinking they have permission to act out Gosar's fantasies if he doesn't do it himself. Do not forget that Arizona is where another nutcase shot a representative, Representative Gabby Giffords back in January of 2011. And republicans are still bitching about the addition of metal detectors in the Capitol Building. We have all the warning we need and yet, as of this writing, Representative Paul Gosar has not been expelled and carried away in a straitjacket. If Gosar does commit murder, McCarthy will pull a Condaleezza Rice and just say, "How could we have known?" and walk away smiling.

The more these people are tolerated rather than severely punished, the more of this we will see and the worse it will get.


1 Comment

Nov 10, 2021

The silence from democraps is also deafening. their silence about 1-6 was already deafening. their refusal to do "merrick garland" is only the latest canary in the coal mine laying on the ground mummified.

how can non-nazi voters continue to think that party is NOT just total shit?

Well, evidently they DO know it's total shit... but then why do they keep voting for them?

Since Giffords is no longer in congress, the one who SHOULD be demanding that gosar be removed from congress is steve scalise, who was shot only 4 years ago while playing softball.

but scalise, a devout nazi, won't say anything. every nazi step toward the inevitable nazi reich will be fine with all nazis.

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