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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Sunshine State Needs To Stick It Where...

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

If it hasn't happened already, it's only a matter of time before a hail of mass shooter bullets shreds the uterus of a woman who was forced to carry a fetus by some god awful madman like Ron DeSantis and his sadistic cronies. Then we'll get to hear the standard shoulder shrugging Republican platitudes of "Thoughts & Prayers™" and "It was God's will" (pronounced 'godswill' in my home) all over again and again and again. I know! I bet they'll even have a combo "Thoughts & Prayers™" Boat Parade & Gun Show! Complete with little red "Thoughts & Prayers™" hats, of course. And if the victim was a 10 year old in a library, all the better in their sick pea-brain minds. The only question will be which member of Congress was the father.


1 Comment

Jun 04, 2023

there's money to be made here. the cat'licks once sold heaven to the recently dead's families. someone will figure out how to market "thoughts and prayers" to idiots with a few bucks. perhaps "thoughts and prayers" insurance for when/if someone you love is turned into a pink puddle by some nazi with an AR15 in each hand.

cuz... yano... god won't do shit for your dead kin less'n lots of fucktards are a prayin'.

And if you're a jew, apparently, you have to have a quorum in prayer before YOUR shit god gives a flying fuck.

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