• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Russo-Republican Party Merger

by Noah

Your Saturday Cartoon:

Red joins hands with Red. The Republican Party made its choice when they accepted Russia's help in their election campaigns, if not long before. Now they are doubling down. After all, they've always had totalitarian dreams. Autocracy always runs free in the veins of conservatives of any kind. The GOP fears the significance of the growing democracy in Ukraine every bit as much as their controller Vladimir Putin does.

Now, having never been held seriously accountable by findings of either the go along to get along Democratic Party or our farcical pretend Justice System, Republicans see no reason to hide their affiliation with Russia. In fact, they're proud of it. They're screaming their allegiance to Russia from the rooftops! How long before it is revealed that Trump and the RNC made a quiet deal with Putin that he could invade Ukraine but only after the 2020 election? They'd already signaled their support at the 2016 Republican convention and every damn day of Trump's term. How far will Russia go with the Republican Party's support? First Ukraine, next Estonia and Finland? How about Poland? All the way to Berlin? Or further? All cheered on by Comrade Carlson and the rest of FOX "News" plus seditious miscreants like Josh Hawley, "Ted"Cruz, and, not least of all, the perfectly named Moscow Mitch. Not just Vichy collaborators but Vichy instigators.

Parting Shot: Here's a thought. Why not make a point of asking every republican you have the misfortune to have in your life whether they support Russia or America. Make it a simple yes or no question. It's one or the other. If they hem or haw for even an instant, you will have their answer but a simple yes or no would be nice. Do it today, and, while you're at it, why not also pick the phone and ask a Republican politician, local, state, or national, the same question. It's sad that the treason of the Republicans in all walks of life has come to this point but the question should be asked if only to give them a dose of the discomfort we feel at the very sight of them.