• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Republican Sense Of Fashion Pt. 2!

by Noah

Do clothes make the man or does the man make the clothes? In case my Midnight Meme from earlier this week wasn't enough, tonight I offer another fine example of Republican fashion! And you thought it was just all about khakis, plaid and clown shoes!

I've said from the beginning that Trump voters will never regain whatever little grains of sanity they may have once had. I've also said that no sane person could have watched Donald Trump speak for two minutes back in 2016 or before and not know that the man is a crazy person and I've often noted that crazy people walk among us. Apparently that number is something above 70,000,000, at least!

To be fair, and I'm always fair, I would like to assume that just because one votes for Trump does not necessarily mean one is a traitor to this country. However, in light of all of the polling that shows us that staggering percentages of Republicans are still Trump diehards or Trumpaholics and all of the evidence of what he has done and, to a very real extent continues to do to America, that assumption carries no weight. None. Zero. Wimpy, naive, and PC media and politician comments to the contrary, those supporters have willfully crossed the line into treason and have very vocally stated that they have no intention of stepping back. Calling them insurgents as too many appeasers in the media do is way too, for lack of a better word, polite. I see the 70,000,000 as no different than Charlie Manson's naive brainwashed followers and sycophants. Trump supporters are all of that on an exponentially bigger scale. Trump's body count is somewhere around 600,000. Manson's was less than 10 and both men wished for a race war. Manson and his closest followers went to jail for decades. Trump's followers roam free and do interviews on FOX "News" and other subversive outlets. Trump voters are, at the least, accessories to Trump's crimes. Their continued endorsement of him and his behavior is a grotesque double down. If Manson had had access to today's social media and cable news outlets, he would have been a Trump in 1969. You know Manson is sitting in jail seething with anger and jealousy just like Trump is at Mar-a-Lago.

There is no amount of intervention, family or professional, that can help the soulless zombie husk pictured in tonight's meme. No doubt his family is much like him anyway. I don't even see him pleading an insanity defense if he were ever charged. Like all crazy people, Republicans think it's the other guy. One additional thought: The authorities should definitely look into where Mr. Trump Shirt was and what he was doing on 1/6. He is definitely a true believer. Don't be surprised if the RNC latches on to him as a candidate for Congress somewhere real soon. He's no different than Gohmert, Gosar, Gaetz, Gym Jordan, and all the rest of Kremlin Kevin's prize pupils. He's just the next in line.