• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Republican Obsession with Sex

by Noah

Your Saturday Cartoon:

I've asked this question for years: What is it about Republicans and their obsession with sex lives of others? For decades they hypocritically obsessed about pre-marital sex. Then it was sex between two men. Next it was, dare we say it, interracial coupling. Then, they finally discovered that that there was such a thing as two women having sex, gasp, with each other! That one really gets them all hot, bothered, and conflicted.

The overlying thing with Republicans is a driving force to always find a new, additional group to hate. That kind of thing always gets the simple-minded Republican voters in a tizzy. Hell, in the days of my youth, even having long hair had a sexual connotation to the typically warped Republican mind. That's just the way they are. It's right there with their misogyny and racism. So, once Republicans caught on to the fact that some people were trans, they had their new group to target and they really became completely untethered to reality.

Unfortunately for Republicans, millions and millions of Americans have no problem with any of the above things, things that most Republicans believe are some sort of ungodly aberration or even an abomination. In short, Republicans are nuts and they are so nuts that they want to make sure that every sane person knows it. They parade it about publicly just like their wacko truck and boat parades for Donnie Traitor. Now, finding themselves not happy with whatever dwindling traction they can get by directing their bottomless well of hate at some particular real American demographic, it was inevitable that they would slide into their world of alternative facts and start pointing at everyone who isn't standing with them and accuse them of being a pedophile. It's the stuff of the Salem Witch Trials and it isn't much different now. What republican wouldn't wish today was really 1692 anyway? Ah, those were the good old days!

Is calling Democrats and the very few of their fellow Republicans who at least have a couple of toes planted in "sane" territory pedophiles or pro-pedophile an act of projection or an act of desperation? Who knows but I predict that next year they will be saying we're into necrophilia. This from a party that thinks putting a lightbulb up your ass is a swell ideal.