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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Republican Death To America Plan!

by Noah

The Trump owned and operated Republican Party's psychopathic pro-pandemic message has been extremely successful. Over 600,000 Americans have died from the COVID-19 pandemic. That's close to half a million more people than might have normally been expected to die were it not for the deadly stylings and lethal habits of what will now forever define Republican governance.

But, be forewarned: Even with the 600,000 dead, this pro-pandemic republican messaging is continuing to be so effective that, with the continuing help of their media army, the Republican Party is still deliberately persuading people to not get vaccinated even while the even more frightening Delta Variant is spreading. In May, over 18,000 Americans died of COVID-19. Of those, only 150 of those people were vaccinated. The rest were not. Those deaths are on the hands of republicans and their evil messaging.

The fact that the Delta Variant is spreading faster in several red states where the percentages of vaccinated citizens are lower must bring special pleasure to the warped republican powers that be. Imagine the gleeful dreams that utter creeps like Gym Jordan, Ron DeSantis, and Ronna Romney McDaniel must have.

Ah, but now, it's on to another phase of the Republican Party Death To America Plan, i.e. death via a collapsing infrastructure. Moscow Mitch has made it clear that his Republican Party will always be against any meaningful infrastructure plans supplanting the usual republican approach to infrastructure. The traditional Republican infrastructure plan is a multi-prong plan that includes power grid failures that freeze Americans to death in the winter and cause deaths by heat stroke in our hotter than ever summers. That ties in nicely with their continuing Climate Change denials. The Republican Party Death To America Plan also includes the continuation and expansion of deaths and gruesome injuries due to damaged highways, continued delivery of drinking water by lead pipes, lax enforcement of our food processing safety and transportation systems, and, of course making our aging bridges unsafe to traverse, just to name a few of the items on the Nazi checklist. Who needs gas coming out of the showerheads when you can just kill people wherever they are at just about any time, right Mitch? Right, Kevin? Wow, that's more practical! It's much more economical, right, Ronna? Right, Sean? Who needs the Zodiac Killer when we have so many republicans walking around?

Once again, the Republican Party has apparently made a calculation about all this that is, at its least, sociopathic. They know how to bill customers exponentially more even when the power fails. They know how to deliberately poison a minority community just by switching to a tainted lead-filled water source. They know that a heavy bus full of working class commuters will fall into the river faster than a Lexus or a Mercedes. That's basic physics. Who said the republicans are anti-science?

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Jun 29, 2021

none of this is new. raping consumers for power goes at least as far back as ENRON, for which even W's besty went to jail.

note: that was a R-fascist DOJ acting. Had it been a democrap admin...?

R/nazi resistance to health CARE goes back at least to the great depression.

Since 1980, what have the democraps done about any of it? They put together a scheme to force poor americans to pay health insurance and phrma CEOs billions more in exchange for arbitrary denials of coverage and meds.

The death cult meme, therefore, is pretty much bipartisan.

And, seriously, would anyone have been prosecuted by a democrap admin for billions in white-collar fraud in the 2000s? They refused t…

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