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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Re-Installation Of Diaper Don!

by Noah

Yay, Donnie Diaper! One month to go! One last month of your long wandering aimlessly in exile! Roll away the stone! Soon you'll be back in the Oval Office! No more stumbling and shuffling around Mar-a-Lago in your bathrobe. You'll be back in your blue rubber suit and knee-length red tie in no time! Soon Republicans everywhere will be rejoicing to the high heavens! 31 days! The final countdown has begun!

How wonderful August 1st will be! Stephen Miller back in the White House! Ivanka! Don Jr.! And, what's his name! And Betsy DeVos! Mark Meadows! Kellyanne Conway! Kimberly Tinfoil! Franklin Graham! Horned Chewbacca Guy, Rudy Giuliani aka Mr. Black Goo himself! And Roger Stone! The whole assortment of white supremacist goon staffers! Melania! Has anyone seen her? Better let her know!

Red states are declaring state holidays! Q will reveal himself to Lindsey Graham and Moscow Mitch in more ways than one! Louie Gohmert's ears will flap uncontrollably! Devin Nunes will address the nation speaking only in Russian! Mike Lindell will freebase locks of Marjorie Traitor Green's hair with his new, patented My Pillow Crack Pipe! Mike Pence will hang without further delay! The Cyber Ninja Wackos will announce how many millions of votes the orange freak won state by state on their own FOX "News" Prime Time Game Show! The Kracken will be released at last!

Additional Thought For The Day: It takes 60 $enate votes to protect our freedom to vote but only 51 to confirm an endless series of pig ignorant racist sleazebags and fascist tools to lifetime positions on the federal courts. There's no balance in that. Meanwhile, tens of millions of us put up with that system and keep it in place by doing nothing about it.


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Jul 01, 2021

99% of americans don't just keep it in place by doing nothing. 99% of americans have voted every single time to keep it and make it worse.

every. single. time.

THUS the shithole!

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