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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Oh-Fecal Trump Card!

by Noah Your opportunity to become a Trump Lifetime Member is at risk of expiring! Final Notice! Final Notice! - email from Ronna Romney McDaniel, Domestic Terror Party Chairbozo Meet Trump's little brown cards! Every one of Trump's rampaging Brownshirts and congressional accomplices has one! Or two. Or three. Or four! No self-disrespecting Repug would ever leave home without them! As regular Midnight Meme readers know, I get several RNC emails every day. Minutes of entertainment! Same with Trump's "Save America PAC" which seems to be the exact same thing. Interchangeable. Joined at the hip. Same visuals. Same phrasing. Same insane ravings. They usually appear in my mailbox in tandem. 'Nuff said. Apparently, RNC Chairbozo Ronna Romney McDaniel sends them out or, at the least, is putting her already soiled name on them. Whatever. I imagine that she sits in a padded room with a keyboard pecking them out with her nose since she's clearly a babbling wackjob with her hands and arms restrained by a straitjacket. Pathetically, every damn day of the last 2 weeks, I have received multiple emails from Ronna & Co. offering me a "Lifetime Trump Membership" and now Trump Cards. The emails of the last 5 days often even have the "Final Notice" header. I can't wait to see how many "Final Notice" threats I receive. Last I counted, it was up to 11. Obviously, the Republican Party is still 100% behind their Orange Menace To Society. They identify as Trump all the way! That's their Final Answer. Anyway, all I have to do to "be a member" and/or be a card-carrying Trump fiend is send some money to poor Ronna or her pal Donnie himself. This is the stuff of televangelistas begging old widows for checks and cash. Scam-o-matic! For my money, I get an "Official Trump Membership Card." See above! Wow! How did they know? Just what I wanted! How much do I have to send in to get all four!!?! Hey, Ronna, do they also serve as "Get Out Of Jail Free" cards like all you traitors seem to have? Is there a special "Super Secret 'Opens All Doors'" 5th card? I think I'll even laminate one and wear it on a lanyard around my neck. It'll sure go real nice with my Trump shirt, socks, and shorts with the multiple Trump faces! Not to worry, I won't forget my MAGA hat! I'll even gain 170 pounds and paint my face orange! All to please Dear Leader! I want so much to join the Trump Club, just like Gym Shower Jordan, Vlad Putin, Tucker Tiki Torch, and Moscow Mitch! I'm also told that Trump wants me to carry this card in my wallet wherever I go! I'm guessing that the Republican hierarchy is planning some glorious Nazi day when Crazy Ronna and her goosestepping cohorts can roam around the streets demanding that I show my "Trump Card" or else be loaded into a box car and sent to parts unknown. That's the Republican dream, isn't it? Apparently, misspelling on these "Trump Cards," as noted in the visual above is not just accepted in republican circles, it's encouraged, but maybe they really meant to say "Oh-Fecal." That would be more apt on two fronts. We know the contempt republicans have for education and we also know they displayed their fecal finger painting skills on the Capitol Building walls on 1/6. By the way, Ronna, does your not at all subtle card with the Nazi Eagle come with a swastika? You know, like just scratch off around the tail and there it is? How much do I have to send you for that one?

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