• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! The NRA Children's Museum

by Noah

I'm very into guerilla theater and I love street art pieces made from everyday objects. Kudos to artist Manuel Oliver who put this one together. It's mobile too! Manuel, the father of 17 year old Joaquin "Guac" Oliver who was murdered in the Parkland, Florida massacre, arranged to have 52 school buses loaded with the belongings of school shooting victims from around the country and driven to the house of the freakishly disgraceful $enator "Ted" Cruz.

The bus procession to Cruz's house was 1 mile long. The 4368 total seats in the buses are equal to the number of school age children lost to gun violence in just the last 2 years. Oliver plans to take his caravan of buses to the homes of every national politician who has made a point of not voting for meaningful gun reform. Hopefully, that will include the politicians on the "Supreme" Court. That's what I'd do. Then I would park all 52 buses in front of the U.S. Capitol Building steps and take a picture for a tourist postcard I have in mind. Variations could include The White House, the now less than Supreme Court, state legislature buildings, the dock where Joe Manchin parks his hideous boat, and more. After that, I would at least consider finding a way to have individual buses suffer "unforeseen simultaneous rush hour breakdowns" in the middle of every exit and entrance to the beltway the day before Congress plans to take their August recess.

Using the Capitol Building as a backdrop for the NRA Children's Museum would make a fine postcard which could be made available in all Washington area tourist locations and everywhere else in this country. I don't know about you but I would be willing to buy them in bulk, fill them out, and send them to all the sociopathic political dirtbags in suits that I can think of. Why not send them a nice postcard of the museum they made necessary?