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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Next Republican Moses?

by Noah Sunday Thoughts: In the music business, there were, for years, plenty of morons who, among other things, spent way too much time speculating as to who the "Next Dylan" might be. That of course was a built in insult to Bob Dylan because both he and his talents are so unique that there can only be one Bob Dylan. Yet, being of limited intellectual capacity, still they tried. It was always an insult to the artists that were saddled with the title, too, as if an artist as great as Bruce Springsteen, Leonard Cohen, or Elvis Costello shouldn't be appreciated for the merits of their own art which, yes, stands very much on its own. Funny how it was always a male artist, too. What? Women need not apply? But that begets another type of insulting thing that happens; a discussion for another day. Then, there's the polar opposite of all that. Instead of greatness in music, there is unbounded evil in the political world. Hence, the current frenzy in the Republican World as an entire party has joined in a frenzied attempt to declare "the next Trump." Who will they choose to lead them to the promise of an American Reich of their dreams if Dear Leader can't make it? Who will wear the furry horned crown? Who is it? Which homicidal maniac star of the GOP? Which Grand Wizardo? Tucker Tiki Torch? Ron DeSantis? Marjorie Traitor Greene? "Ted" Cruz? Adolf Hawley? The Hoover-nose Trump Jr.? OMG! Eric The Brainless? All of them want the title. Kyle Rittenhouse even held it for a few days. Sarah Palin wants back in, too. Miss "You betcha" is back! Alas, so much filth. One can only dream that they are all crucified with wooden stakes hammered through their alleged hearts. If a pathetic broken little man like Lindsey Graham can roll around on the floor and have a dream of being President, I can have a dream, too. Meanwhile, I think I'll go put on some Joni Mitchell.

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