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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Monstrousness Of Joe Manchin

by Noah Sure all politicians are for sale to one degree or another. It's the name of the game and that's exactly what it is to so many of them, a game! We have a right to expect them to care but only the naive and foolish among us do. So, at the end of the day, we are left to look at our politicians and ask ourselves just how big of a dirtbag p.o.s. is the one who is alleging to give a damn about me and my life. Thankfully, Joe Manchin is making that job easier by the hour as he counts up the intake from his personal greed and corruption and that of, apparently, his entire family. He, no doubt, also welcomes our contempt and hate. After all, why else would he be working so hard to obtain it? It seems he even has a greed for that too. He can't stop himself. There's a comparison to be made between Joe Manchin and the worst of Washington. It's fitting. Manchin has been rocketing up the Most Hated Man In The $enate chart. So much so that fellow horrific humanoids like Rand Paul, "Ted" Cruz, and even the traitor Moscow Mitch McConnell are looking over their shoulders and wondering, what's that smell, that smell that keeps getting closer? In Washington, it's always a fierce competition. Today though, I'm thinking about a similarity between Manchin and our psychopathic ex-president, the thing known as Trump. Both men are monstrous aberrations when it comes to acceptable human behavior. They are, to use another word, deplorables. They probably have been since age 3 or so, if not just plain born that way. But the thing is that, in the case of both men, society at large would have never known what sociopathic and even psychopathic traits and actions they are capable of if they had each not been elected, however honorably or dishonorably, to positions at a level where they get to show us exactly what they are every day. That's on the parties that supported them and the people who voted for them. For West Virginians, it should be a matter of what did they know about Joe Manchin and when did they know it? Here in New York, the majority of us already knew how sick and perverted Donald Trump was and is in every sense of those two words. He had proven it to New Yorkers time and time again whether through the amount of discrimination lawsuits he'd accrued over the years or the even more overt racism he put on display during the infamous Central Park Five case. The misogyny and rampant avarice was there for all to see, too. Trump's elevation to the oval office gave the whole world the opportunity to see it. Sadly, it took that step when all anyone really had to do was watch him speak for 2 minutes during the 2016 campaign. In the case of Joe Manchin, his obstinate graft-inspired obstruction of bills designed to build up both our voting rights and the nation's infrastructure has revealed the all-encompassing ugliness of the man. He now even wants to start whittling away at the child tax credit which the Democratic Party put into effect just a few months ago. Who does that? Or should I just get real and say what does that. What does that indeed? Even the idea that parents might get a tiny amount of government help for daycare rubs Joe Manchin the wrong way; same with any rent subsidy or food stamp aid that might keep families in his still impoverished state from becoming homeless. Hell, he's taken in so much cash from energy companies over the years that he could afford to donate the salary we pay him with our tax dollars. He could even forgo our tax money contributions to his welfare perks and pay for his and his family's own health care but, if you are Joe Manchin, socialism is for you not your constituents. All of Washington agrees with that latter point but Joe Manchin is maximizing the hypocrisy as much if not more than anyone else ever has. Every damn day we see him glory in that on our televisions as he thumbs his nose at America and Americans. Sadly, he can fool some of the people all of the time. That is his art. None of what Joe Manchin is should surprise us at this point. I had my first inkling of the evil of the man when I saw him trying to suppress his inappropriate smiling in order to muster up some fake empathy as he, an extreme gun supporter, found himself compelled to meet with some families of the victims of the Sandy Hook (Newtown) massacre 8 years ago. Watch $enator Joe Manchin as he searches his mind for the proper way to act, and I mean act. Empathy is plainly such unfamiliar territory for him. His sorry act with the Newtown families has since become known as his "let them eat tissues moment." To refresh your memory, watch this!

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