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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Monster Who Owns His Own Political Party!

by Noah

Happy Halloween, folks!!! The monstrous King Of The Goblins still roams the land free. And that thrills his 74,000,000 voters no end. Some may lie and say they don't like him. Some may lie and say they fear him. But, the bottom line is they willfully re-up his anointment as their Dear Leader every hour of every day and follow his every word. The proof is his continued existence in our lives! He even had a hand in selecting a totale nut for Speaker of the Nuthouse that thinks our dumbass species has only been around for 6000 years and mass shootings are caused by abortion, divorce, and "the gays." Even after the Nazis so grossly enabled their orange freakazoid, they could have banished him to the hinterlands twice. It was they who could have most easily done so when the various votes to do so were presented but they did not. Their nature and their fate are intertwined. They are him and he is them. For all eternity. If cancer had legs and dragged its knuckles, Republicans would cheer it.

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