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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Maskhole Chronicles #1

by Noah

Look at her! She's so dumb she could be Tomi Lahren or at least Marjorie Traitor Greene. We don't know her name but does it really matter? Let's just call her Ms. A. Republican, a generic Republican maskhole.

Look at her sign: Poisoned? With what? Lysol and bleach per the suggestions of her favorite Orange Menace To Society? Chipped? Oh my effing god! Did you try a lightbulb up your ass first? Tracked? Yo dummy, we've got your phone for that! We can find your car on practically any interstate or toll road. If you so much as email a letter or comment to whatever silly magazine or website you read, you can be found and tracked right to your damn door. By my last count, the intersection on my corner has four cameras. I wave to them!

This pride of the Republican Party will probably also try to tell you that she's been abducted by aliens hundreds of times! By the dull look in her eyes, maybe they removed part of her brain. Or, maybe they found so little that they just sewed her back up and dumped her off wherever they found her. Thanks a lot aliens!

Give her credit for spelling all her "best words" correctly though. You don't see that on Republican signage very often!



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