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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Little Mermaid! Now Starring In "The Sheriff Is... Near!"

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

"Diversity?!!?? We don't need no stinking diversity," says just about any Republican I know of.

Jeeezzzz, Now that sweet Little Mermaid has a certain white supremacist party all freaked out, and damn, they can't even ship her out to Martha's Vineyard. They would if they could, right along with any brown skin Jesus that might show up if he's crazy enough. You see, Disney has "given a tan" to the Little Mermaid in her new feature. She's now a brown skinned Little Mermaid and, well, that's just all wrong in republican world. I mean, that world's where everything's "Leave It To Beaver" land on its best days. Damn, Republicans hate so many actual brown and black people that they ran out of 'em and had to (they just can't help themselves) start hating on brown skin cartoon characters even more than they hate gay ones, or at least ones that they worry might be gay. You know, like teletubbies, Spongebob, and that purple dinosaur guy. Now that we have a black Little Mermaid and it's a Disney property, well, let's just say the words perfect storm in the republican mnd hive.

Yep, Republicans are so damn obsessed with blackness that they carry it all the way down to cartoon characters, and, man, if those cartoon characters were not just of color but also gay, stand back! I mean what will happen if Spongebob or that teletubby guy mysteriously turns black? That's much more than a tiny reptilian Republican brain can possibly absorb so I think we know! Let's hope it happens real soon!!! I wanna see the heads of Republicans all over the country explode just like the stomach of Mr. Creosote, the "One more little wafer guy" on Monty Python did. Please God! Hear my prayer! Make it so. Better yet, imagine how Repugs would react if they just happened to wake up one morning, looked in the bathroom mirror and discovered they'd turned black just like the Little Mermaid! Imagine racist, female hating ol' Lindsey Graham if that happened to him (please God, please!). Considering what the whole Little Mermaid story is an allegory for, the irony alone would make his head explode.

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