Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Horrific Disintegration Of Trump's Mind

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

What must it be to care for and clean up after Trump at home these days. Who does it? Whatever they're getting paid, it can't be enough as his mind tumbles to the end of its life. The Orange Menace To Society is getting worse by the day now. It's easy to imagine what he's like down at Mar-a-Lago. It was more than bad enough while he was president. He's been losing control of his mind for years and he's been surrounded by very suspect people who have covered for him, but the speed of mental disintegration is now snowballing downhill at a faster and faster pace. At the bottom, Trump will find that wall he always wanted and he will hit it. Last weekend, he publicly confessed what we already knew, that he sought to overthrow the government the voters had chosen. Each public statement he issues heads more and more towards complete gibberish. Imagine what we never get to hear or see. And, still the Republican Party embraces his every word as gold from on high. To them he is a god. In Trump they trust. Sad. Sad? No, it's horrific.

The Republican Party continues to follow Trump's every word, policy, and conspiracy theory. It's an addiction with them just as the Nazis of another time got addicted to their insane Dear Leader. There's something about madman. It's a very deadly cult of personality. His confession means nothing to them. The bigger question is, does it mean anything to anyone with the power to put an end to this insanity before our cities look like Dresden looked in 1945. So far, we see no evidence that it does.