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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The GOP Has A New Gunslinging Hero!

by Noah

For years the GOP and their top media outlet FOX "News" have been working overtime in an effort to not just normalize and mainstream their notions of white supremacy poison in this country but increase them. So, I have to ask, how much rejoicing and high-fiving at FOX "News" was going on Saturday afternoon as the horrid news about a mass shooting at a Buffalo grocery store full of African-American customers came in? It's easy to imagine that there was so much cheering that you could hear it blocks away from their Sixth Avenue headquarters. Hell, Rupert Murdoch probably even called in just to give Tucker Carlson another raise as the news went out that the alleged murderer is a fervent supporter of the white supremacist "Replacement Theory" that Carlson regularly promotes both on his show and his personal appearances. Carlson's acolyte killed 10 people, including a retired cop, and wounded at least three others in the store. Well done, FOX!

And speaking of replacement theory, someone's gonna have to break the news to Kyle Rittenhouse that the GOP has a new gunslinging hero. You're so yesterday's news, Kyle! How long before the Buffalo suspect gets invites from the likes of Sean Hannity and Donald Trump for the usual onair interviews and appearances for photo-ops at Mar-a-Lago? Maybe some patented "take our country back" campaign rally appearances with GOP gun nut stars such as "Ted" Cruz, Lauren Boebert, and Moscow Mitch?

May I suggest class action suits directed at FOX and the RNC from the families of the victims?

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May 16, 2022

when this asshole is acquitted (insanity defense?), he'll be the new favorite for the Reinhard Heydrich job in the coming nazi reich.

And if he is not acquitted, there is always a pardon...

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