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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The FOX M&M Shoe Fetishist Speaks!

by Noah I really don't understand the disrespect Republicans always show towards science. They should be so grateful. After all, science has put a semi-housebroken screeching monkey in a suit and tie and given him a nightly TV show. And, Republicans love it! "Gets great ratings," as Traitor Don would say. Repugs put on their little red MAGA hats, tune in, and sit there scratching and chirping as they watch. It gives them nightly reaffirmation of all of their worst impulses. C'mon Republicans! Say it! Yay science!!!! So, what's Tucker the M&M Shoe Fetishist done now? Well, it's damn hard to keep up but he's gone and played a whole desk of race cards all at once again by demanding to see Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson's LSAT scores, never mind the fact that, just from watching them both speak, it's easy to conclude that her IQ is at least double his, and ditto Brett Kavanaugh's. And, did ol' Tucker Tiki Torch ask for Amy Coney Barrett's LSAT scores? Nah, of course not. She's white! Go right in, Amy! Give Tucker credit, though, he knows what his Republican audience tunes in for! They're freaked out about the possibility of a black woman sitting on the Supreme Court. To them, that's the symbolism of a world gone mad. Not only that but they know she'll contradict their beloved racist Chief Justice Roberts and make the misogynistic porn addicted Clarence Uncletomas look every bit as subserviently pathetic as he is. Tucker Carlson is now just about where he, his viewers, and his party have always wanted him to be. Soon, the miniscule pretense that he operates under will vanish and he will do his entire show in a fabulous KKK hood and sheet ensemble flanked by busts of Nathan Bedford Forest and James Earl Ray on his "news" desk. It'll be the most truthful statement FOX has ever made.

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