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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Flag Of DeSanticide!

by Noah

Yup! Flor-i-duh has a new state flag, the flag of DeSanticide. Well done, Flori-i-duh! You didn't need just your non-stop killer hurricanes, your house-devouring sinkholes, and your 20-foot Burmese Pythons. Sure, there's lots of unusual ways for people to die in Flor-i-duh but, in your self-destructive nihilism, you embraced the darkness and elected a homicidal maniac as your governor who now endangers the whole country. Brilliant!!! Come for the sand and surf! Stay for the gasping miserable death in a makeshift tent!

It's time to think of Florida as a gangrenous foot that needs to be amputated before it spreads a new, even more lethal variant to the rest of us. And Texas with their own wannabe mass-murderer, Greg Abbott, isn't far behind. Somewhere in Hell, Josef Mengele is smiling a very sick smile.

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