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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Consistent Racism Of Conservatives

by Noah

Richard Nixon's awful legacy is one that includes Watergate crimes, anti-Semitism, war-prolonging treason, and, of course, with his infamous Southern Strategy, racism. He was clearly the KKK's man in Washington. I know this first hand. I lived there in those years. He is the man who took the party of Lincoln and changed it to the home of Grand Wizards in hoods and sheets. Like today's Republicans, Nixon knew that he could use racism to drive Republican voters to the polls. The virulent racism that once had a home among Southern Democrats or "Dixecrats" was only too happy to move to the Republican Party and it has been so ever since. Not much has changed, Our racists are happy to have a home, any home. Conservatives now. Conservatives then. Only the address has changed.

Now, Republicans are gathering around the words "Critical Race Theory" like it's a warm, comforting campfire. Nevermind that it would be hard to find a republican voter who could accurately define what CRT is, it may be even harder to find a school where it's actually being taught. It doesn't matter to the Republican Mind. As long as CRT even hints to them as being something sympathetic to "The Damn Blacks," they're against it. The beauty of all of this to the masterminds of the Republican (Nazi) Party is that nothing more than that matters. They can happily twist the meaning of Critical Race Theory into anything they want as long as it riles up their biggoted voters and gets them pissed off enough to go out and protest, disrupt school board meetings, and then vote "KKK All The Way Come Election Day."

A few words about the pictures used in tonight's meme: The top photo could be from anywhere where modern day republicans are found. Obviously, it's recent. It happens to be from Virginia. There may be no red Maga hats but there's plenty red in the signs and the clothing. The MAGA hats are there in spirit. The bottom photo is from Kentucky. We know this because one sign references the Day Law, a Kentucky state law that was sold to Kentuckians as "An act to prohibit White and Colored Persons from attending the same school." The law was signed by Kentucky's Governor J.C.W. Beckam in 1904 and stood until the Supreme Court's famous Brown vs. Board Of Education ruling in 1954. The sign tells us that the woman holding it is hoping that the Supreme Court upholds the law. Too bad, racist lady, but you might have had better luck in today's world, what with the Supreme Court now being led by a racist Chief Justice named John Roberts.

I also take note of the obvious spelling and grammar issues, especially 'appose' instead of oppose. That's conservatives for ya. Consider these people the "Trump voters" of their time. They don't like that education stuff. It leads to communism or something. But, the sign that amuses me most is the one that says "Forced Integration Creates Racial Hatred." Clearly, this man already has plenty of racial hatred. I bet if he was alive today he'd be a bigly Tucker Tiki Torch fan. As for the child in the photo, might that be a young Moscow Mitch? Could be, Who knows? Might as well be.


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