• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Tales Of Crime & No Punishment

by Noah

If today's Republicans can be given credit for anything it might be that they are who they say they are and who they have shown themselves to be even if the Democrats refuse to believe it.

Here, in tonight's meme we have Freddie Klein, a member of the loser ex-president's cabal of subversives and dedicated traitors. Yes, these people walk among us just like British Loyalists did during the opening days of the Revolutionary War. In those days, such people were given the message that they should flee north to Canada or get on a boat and go back to England. Now, in 2021, I would not be averse to having some of my tax dollars being spent to ship such people to their beloved Russia or at least putting them all on some hideous overcrowded cruise ship full of unvaccinated idiots and set out to sea never to return. I'd make sure there wasn't a thing to eat on board either.

Freddie Klein has yet to go to trial but he has indeed been moaning that the judge in his case should never release the video footage of him assaulting police during the Republican Party's attempted coup at the Capitol Building on 1/6. Poor guy is concerned that the footage might, just might, make him look bad to sane people, i.e. non-Republicans even though it definitely makes him look like a hero to his fellow Republicans. He should have thought it out before he sought to hang Mike Pence from the gallows his group erected nearby. Klein has also been complaining about cockroaches inhabiting his jail accommodations. Boy, I hope they are being fruitful and multiplying at a great rate. Dear Freddie, may you and all of your traitorous kind wake up in the middle of the night literally covered in a living blanket of cockroaches. Scream assholes, scream!


Freddie Klein will of course not get the punishment he deserves. That is because the United States Of America is no longer a sane country and hasn't been for a very long time. Just as I finished writing the above, the news broke that Anna Morgan-Lloyd, one of Klein's fellow traitors at the Capitol on 1/6 was allowed to cop a plea to a single simple charge of "illegally demonstrating" by our joke of a justice system and sentenced to only 3 years of probation, 40 days of "community service" and a $500 fine. The ultra lenient judge, Royce Lamberth is, of course, a Republican, specifically a Reagan appointee. I can just see Moscow Mitch smugly smiling about this and I can just imagine if Lee Harvey Oswald had been tried in Lambreth's court: "Mr. Oswald, you are hereby sentenced to 1 year of probation and 1 year of community service. By the way, are you available for a round of golf on Saturday?"

It used to be that people who tried to overthrow the government faced a firing squad. In this day and age, I would be somewhat satisfied if Klein and Morgan-Lloyd got 20 years to life with zero chance of parole but, no, instead Anna Morgan-Lloyd received a sentence that will only serve to convince other goons like her to try again and try harder, with guns next time. You know how it is with lawyers and judges: Nudge, nudge. Wink wink. Sometimes money changes hands. Either that or this is just one more grievous example of a Merrick Garland inside job.